Richard King: a vision of holistic textiles & workwear

Richard King

As Co-Owner of The Cotton Textile Company (TCTC), Richard King has over two decades worth of experience in redefining the textiles sector.

The Cotton Textile Company is a bespoke, niche manufacturer of woven products and textile accessories, which started manufacturing custom towelling before extending its product range to include fabrics, robes, socks, plus woven and knitted fabrics throughout the years. TCTC has extended its manufacturing base to cater to private, high street and global corporate businesses across Western Europe, UK, and Turkey.

Richard founded TCTC in 2013 with his partner Sam. Richard continues to oversee Business Development whilst Sam manages Production and Operations. TCTC has a team in the UK as well as an official presence in Turkey, where it focuses on sourcing and quality control. Richard explains that running a family-owned business adds a layer of efficiency and control, which is crucial at a time when fast fashion and COVID-19 has decimated the textile and manufacturing sector. In response, TCTC reaffirms its commitment to quality and expert know-how on distribution and bespoke branding.

Richard is proud to serve clients who have stuck with him since the 1990s, a testament to a legacy of mutual trust and collaboration.

A leading workwear provider: Branded Workwear

Richard also founded Branded Workwear, a company offering expert solutions for branded workwear, uniforms and PPE, revolutionising high-quality gear and personalised workwear for a multitude of industries and sectors across the spectrum.

Branded Workwear is a leader in the field, offering innovative manufacturing solutions as well as expert consultation services. This holistic solution sets Branded Workwear apart from its competitors; Richard is proud to serve clients who have stuck with him since the 1990s, a testament to a legacy of mutual trust and collaboration.

Branded Workwear has long-standing relationships with his manufacturing partners in Europe. Richard works with specialists in the field who understood the company’s products and service offerings over the years and works with a partner he can rely upon and trust, which is critical to the business’ ethos.

Collaboration & continued success

The future is looking bright for Branded Workwear, which recently partnered with Project Plan B to make the term ‘no end of use’ a reality for the corporate workwear industry. In addition, its collaboration with the United Brands of Scandinavia proves a commitment to upholding a high standard of durable work and safety wear for various work industries.

Richard speaks on his future ambitions: expanding the company whilst retaining the top quality it is widely known for. Both The Cotton Textile Company and Branded Workwear have continued to demonstrate a commitment to striving for excellence since their inception.


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