Rick van Es to Join PCIAW® Board of Directors

The Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) is pleased to announce the appointment of Rick van Es, Partner of Phantomleaf Textiles and Co-founder of Fiber2Fashion Consulting, to its non-executive Board of Directors.

Voted on by his new colleagues on the PCIAW® Board, Rick van Es brings over 30 years of experience in the protective clothing and textiles industry. In the role, he will represent members in the defence textiles industry and provide a diverse bank of knowledge from his experiences in European textiles to the association.

Rick van Es has been working with Phantomleaf Textiles since early 2023, guiding its growth into a leading supplier of advanced camouflage garments for NATO armed forces. Phantomleaf is best known for its innovative and modular approach to camouflage design, informed by experts in psychology to create custom uniform designs tailored to specific operational requirements. The company now works with German special forces and elite units across Europe, while also offering a commercial and police variant of their camouflage which doesn’t compromise operational security for their military partners.

Rick van Es also co-founded Fiber2Fashion Consulting alongside his wife Annette van Es, which has provided strategic guidance and expertise to apparel brands and textile companies across the professional clothing industry. Recent focuses for the company have been sustainability and circularity, working with Dutch healthcare providers to design and prototype fully recyclable medical PPE.

Rick van Es, newly appointed PCIAW® Non-executive Board Director

The new non-executive Board Director has been a valued and active supporter of PCIAW® in recent years, speaking on stage at the 2023 PCIAW® Summit & Awards and being involved in numerous projects and helping to inspire the Circular Textiles for a Sustainable Future report. Rick van Es promises to inspire the activities of PCIAW® and leverage his network and expertise to help the association grow its influence, reach and membership base throughout Europe.

Rick van Es, Partner of Phantomleaf Textiles, commented: “I am honoured to be part of the board and very much look forward to shaping the future of PCIAW® together with the other board members, including our new Chairman Ed Grigg, Yvette Ashby and her team.

PCIAW® has all it takes to lead and support their members in an ever-changing environment, bearing a significant amount of expertise and insight of the professional clothing value chain, within the organisation and together with its members. I very much look forward to the further growth of this wonderful association.”

Yvette Ashby, CEO & Founder of PCIAW®, commented: “It’s my great pleasure to have Rick join our board. He has been an invaluable ally to the association in the past few years, and having worked in many positions across the industry we expect he will continue to provide brilliant insights from within the PCIAW® Board. Everyone in the association is excited to discover what fantastic things we will achieve together, and I’m sure Rick will prove a great asset to PCIAW®.”

Yvette Ashby, CEO & Founder, PCIAW®

Ed Grigg, Managing Director of Incoporatewear, has also assumed a new position on the PCIAW® board, moving from non-executive director to chairman. Possessing a clear vision for PCIAW®’s future based on generating value for members and creating education and collaborative opportunities for the industry, these new appointments herald a bright and energised future for the association.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member