Rock Fall announces re-accreditation to ISO 45001 by the Lloyds Register, with exceptional COVID-19 Controls performance

Rock Fall safety footwear

Rock Fall, a multi-award-winning second-generation family-owned business in Alfreton sits at the forefront of the safety footwear market supplying more than 700,000 pairs per year, their world-first innovations provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern industry.

Building on 11 years of growth exceeding 20% every year, the senior management team made the decision to apply for ISO 45001:2018 choosing to be audited by the Lloyds Register, which is recognised as the leading auditor in the UK. The company is proud of their British Heritage and our country’s position as a world leader in Health and Safety.

Having passed the accreditation of ISO 45001:2018 in late 2019. The business worked hard to prepare for the 1 year review, which was conducted using remote video links to give a thorough insight to operations and controls.

The Lloyd’s inspector also took the time to specifically note the exceptional performance of the controls in place to make the workplace secure from COVID-19. Citing:

  • Office spacing and screen installations
  • Social Distancing
  • Control of communal areas
  • Overall warehousing operations

Celebrating the achievement, the Rock Fall Senior Management Team noted:

“As a business, we are firmly routed in the Safety Equipment Industry, we are constantly speaking to Senior Health and Safety Professionals about the challenges they face across various industries and felt that this accreditation would have several benefits, it would broaden our knowledge base and solidify some of our policies. In addition, it would give us an independent audit on our processes and enhance our reputation. Finally, it would highlight our strong commitment to ethical business practises. It has been a valuable process for all involved and we are delighted to have been re-awarded this approval, the team at Lloyds Register impressed us with their thorough approach. To have performed so well is pleasing, we are very proud of the team effort put into our Health & Safety systems as well as everyone following the protocols to keep us all safe.”

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