Sabina Tayub’s Bridges to Prosperity Project

Bridges to Prosperity bridges initiative

Sabina Tayub, an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Balfour Beatty, is pleased to announce her selection as a community lead for the Bridges to Prosperity team Gogo to build a footbridge in Rwanda, whilst at the same time educating the local community. 

This exciting collaboration unites Balfour Beatty, Mott Macdonald and Bridges to Prosperity, a grassroots charity affecting change in local communities. 

Sabina’s interests in helping underprivileged communities began from a very young age, with her childhood based in Malawi. 

After witnessing the devastating effects of inadequate infrastructure on the locals’ daily lives, Sabina was spurred to participate in this unique cause.

Due to Covid-19, the initiative could not take place in June 2020, so it has been rescheduled to June 2021 (subject to safety guidelines).

What is Bridges to Prosperity? 

Some may believe that building better schools, hospitals or marketplaces would be better to improve the lives of the local communities…

But if people cannot access these amenities in relative safety, there is a bigger issue at hand – the last mile connection. 

Ultimately, bridges build connection. 

Bridges to Prosperity work on providing surety of connection through the construction of two bridge types: Suspension Bridge and Suspended Bridge.

Suspension Bridge
Suspended Bridge

So far, B2P has built over 250 footbridges worldwide, helping over 1 million community members.

What is the outcome?  

Building a bridge in a rural area has significantly benefited the community:

+ 35.8% increase in wages

+ 75% farmer profitability

+ 60% women entering the labour market

The successes of B2P are evident; Sabina is looking forward to devoting her time to a worthy cause, working closely with local communities to aid the construction of a safe crossing. She kindly advises individuals or companies interested in donating or sponsoring PPE to get in touch. 

The Project will require the distribution of many amenities for local residents, who are integral to the safe development of the bridge in the long term. PPE, such as boots, socks, sunglasses, safety glasses, long sleeve high vis, hard hats, and gloves are vital for this project. Any help with supplies is deeply appreciated.

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