Samp AI achieves €4m Investment

Samp AI achieves €4m investment in its ‘shared reality’ solution for the sustainable transformation of industrial sites.

The French start-up Samp is disrupting the way modernisation projects for large industrial sites are managed, and today it announces a further step in its expansion following successful fundraising of €4 million from French and German DeepTech investment funds.

In the past, site operators, engineers and subcontractors have relied solely on existing, and often incomplete, paper diagrams on which to base modernisation plans. Samp, a young French technology start-up, has developed a patented AI and 3D technology which marries existing data with 3D imagery taken from the field to create an accurate ‘digital twin’ of the site, created in just days.

Samp’s ‘shared reality for industrial sites’ web-based solution is accessible to all stakeholders in a

modernisation project and continuously updates as the project continues, allowing collaboration

between disciplines and stakeholders and accelerating the safe transformation of complex sites to

more environmentally and financially sustainable operations.

Today the company, which started life in the Parisian start-up incubator Station F, is announcing a new phase in its development, with the €4m funding allowing Samp to not only consolidate its unique position in France, but also begin its expansion into international markets. This funding round includes major investors with a strong DeepTech and Industry background: Innovacom, ENGIE New Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds.

The company’s technology has already been successfully deployed at projects with major water and energy groups, including ENGIE, SUEZ, Teréga and Trapil, and Samp has won several innovation awards, including the respected i-Lab breakthrough innovation contest in 2021. For the second consecutive year, Samp is a finalist of the “David with Goliath” competition, rewarding the best alliance between start-ups and large companies. It is also a winner of the NETVA contest, which supports market entry in the United States for the most promising French DeepTech start-ups.

Laurent BOURGOUIN, CEO of Samp, said: “Our ‘Shared Reality’ solution is the catalyst that de-risks and accelerates the complex transformation of industrial sites towards more sustainable operation. We believe it is the solution that industrial players need to face mounting stakes on safety, resilience, and environmental impact. The extra funds we have received today show the confidence that DeepTech funders have in our technology.”

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