SANITIZED AG launches a new biocide-free product for durable, odour-free textiles


SANITIZED AG, the specialist for hygiene functions in textiles, is expanding its Sanitised® Odorex™ portfolio for odour-free textiles.

The new OX20 product is usable on cotton, viscose, or synthetic fibres. It does not contain any biocides, it is highly wash-resistant, and it can be combined well with other effects.

Early on, SANITIZED identified the market need for textiles with an odour-neutralising effect. Sanitised® Odorex™ is the product of several years of experience with environmentally-friendly textile treatments.

SANITIZED focuses heavily on the causes of, the production of, and the fighting of unpleasant sweat odour in textiles. The basis for the newly introduced biocide-free OX20 product is a metal-free polymer that neutralises odours.

It meets market requirements regarding wash-resistance with excellent results after up to 50 household washes. “We are convinced that biocide-free solutions that fight sweat odour are on their way to becoming the new market standard. And this fact mainly applies to outdoor, sports, and workwear,” remarks Urs Zihlmann, Product Manager of Textile Additives at SANITIZED AG.

Versatile and highly cost-efficient odour-free textiles

The new product can be applied in extraction, pad, and spray. It can be used on all common substrates and is compatible with other textile effects. These properties increase flexibility and efficiency during product design, and they reduce production costs. As the first such technology worldwide, OX20 can be applied to synthetics in the dye bath.

Odour-free textiles with the same feel and wear comfort

Binders and particle systems negatively affect the textile’s feel and moisture management. OX20 is a particle-free product with a long-lasting effect that does not change how the textile feels, nor does it affect the textile’s moisture management.

“Sanitised® Odorex™ is the technology of the future that makes odour-free textile products a reality. It meets industry standards as well as consumer standards regarding durability and sustainability,” explains Zihlmann. “Since it is a biocide-free system, OX20 is not subject to any regulatory restrictions. The textile industry greatly appreciates this property,” he adds.