Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Frost & Sullivan Presents on Workwear Market Growth and Sustainability Investment at the PCIAW® Summit 2023

Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan is announced as a keynote speaker at the PCIAW® Summit & Exhibition 2023, hosted 7-9 November 2023 at the award-winning venue – Alfandega Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal – on the bank of the iconic Douro River.

The annual PCIAW® Summit & Exhibition is organised by the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®). It is an educational, networking event dedicated to the international supply chain for the uniform, workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) markets.

The 2023 event is sponsored by the global workwear fabric manufacturer, Carrington Textiles and is being Chaired by Elena Lai, Secretary-General of the European Textile Services Association (ETSA).

The Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan, Sanjiv Bhaskar, will present at the PCIAW® Summit & Exhibition on the market performance and growth trends for the professional clothing industry, commenting on world events and its impact on future growth in the uniform, workwear and PPE markets.

Frost & Sullivan’s presentation will also focus on sustainable PPE innovation and investment, analysing trends in raw materials, nearshore supply chains and emerging market leaders. Sanjiv Bhaskar will shed light on the comparative performance of companies committing to corporate social responsibility and carbon reduction in net zero strategies within the professional clothing industry.

Frost & Sullivan is an international leader in market growth analysis – identifying opportunities in hundreds of sectors using a powerful understanding of how value chains operate on a global level. Frost & Sullivan is at the centre of an ecosystem of best practice coaching, executive peer support communities, and growth-oriented content singularly focused on reshaping the world through managed growth.

The annual PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards event gathers global executives from the professional clothing supply chain for unique networking opportunities, advocating for partnerships and collaboration. 2023 is the first year the PCIAW® is set to host the event in Portugal, bringing people together from across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia to support the textile industry’s efforts to grow more sustainably and diversify sourcing operations.

Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Research, Frost & Sullivan said: “Sustainability efforts are presently minimal in the PPE Industry. End-user awareness and legislative actions will force PPE vendors to demonstrate measurable sustainability efforts to maintain a competitive advantage in the coming years.”

Yvette Ashby, CEO, PCIAW® commented: “Professional clothing is a significant part of the textile industry, supplying lifesaving equipment and identifying uniforms to the working people that keep the global economy operating. The progress toward a sustainable future is crucial and I am honoured to have Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Research for Frost & Sullivan as a keynote speaker at the PCIAW® Summit & Exhibition to educate on the growth opportunities in a sustainable professional clothing and textiles industry.

The PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards event takes place over three days from 7 – 9 November 2023.

  • 7 November – Textile and apparel factory tours for delegates arranged by ANIVEC the Portuguese association for clothing and apparel, who is a long-term partner of PCIAW®.
  • 8 November – PCIAW® Summit Part 1 begins at 9:00am until 1:30pm followed by a networking lunch. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:30pm until 5pm.
  • 9 November – PCIAW® Summit Part 2 begins at 9:00am until 1:30pm. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:00pm until 4pm.
  • 9 November – PCIAW® Awards begins with a champagne reception at 6:00pm followed by a three-course gala dinner. The PCIAW® Awards ceremony begins at 7:30pm until 10:00pm, complete with an evening of networking and entertainment.

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