Sarah Wilsher, Menopause Advocate, Joins PCIAW®

The PCIAW® is thrilled to welcome an inspiring new voice to our trusted network – Sarah Wilsher, founder of Sarah Wilsher Coaching Ltd and The Menopause at Work. With a mission to destigmatize menopause, midlife, and menstrual health in the workplace, Sarah is a trailblazer whose expertise will be an invaluable asset to our members.

Sarah has had a long career in consultancy adopting a plethora of roles, including; Transformational Coach, Workplace Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and founder of Sarah Wilsher Coaching Ltd and The Menopause at Work. With a fiery passion for guiding individuals through midlife and menopause, Sarah’s knowledge on inclusivity and menopause is a highly sought-after asset in the corporate world. Her ultimate goal is to ignite positive change in workplaces, tackling head-on the trials of midlife transitions, menopause, and menstrual health.

Sarah delivers custom-made programs to small and medium-sized businesses. From engaging Lunch and Learn sessions to intensive Management, HR, and Champion training, Sarah covers all bases to ensure businesses are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to appropriately support colleagues who may be experiencing difficult symptoms. She also facilitates Policy Writing Workshops shedding light on crucial workplace issues and providing insight for companies to apply suitable workplace adjustments.

With a wealth of experience spanning three decades in the Textile and Clothing Industry, Sarah has extensive experience in Supply Chain, Procurement, and Manufacturing. Having dedicated close to 20 years of service within the professional clothing sector, Sarah now uses her expertise to assist uniform and workwear providers in understanding how fit, fabrics, and design can impact symptoms, to make garments more menopause-friendly and sensitive to menstrual health needs.

Sarah is on a mission to spark conversations about the real impact of hormonal changes, not just on individuals but on their entire support networks. By breaking down taboos and fostering empathy, she’s creating safe spaces where everyone feels heard and valued.

Aside from the training courses, Sarah provides 121 coaching and group programs, where she supports professionals navigating midlife transitions. Drawing from her personal experiences with redundancy, grief, and career shifts, Sarah offers a guiding hand with empathy and understanding, proving that midlife is anything but a crisis – it’s a journey of empowerment and transformation.

The PCIAW® proudly welcomes Sarah Wilsher’s pioneering initiatives into our association. Her valuable perspective will inspire and educate members in their uniform design, uplifting colleagues experiencing menopause and menstrual health needs. We look forward to her input as we strive to make the professional clothing industry more inclusive through combined voice and effort.

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