SATRA reveals new development sample assessment service for safety footwear

Safety footwear - toe cap test picture

SATRA has launched a development sample assessment service for safety footwear products, helping shoemakers save money, time and reduce waste.

The development sample will help to highlight any problems that could arise during certification before the whole shoe is made, thereby saving money and time in the manufacturing process. By using this service to test samples shoemakers can also improve their green credentials by reducing the waste of finished products that do not pass certification.

Safety footwear must be compliant with legislation and standards, as well as being protective. The level of protection provided by safety footwear must be both effective and consistent and this can only be achieved if the product is carefully designed and manufactured.

Using this development sample assessment, SATRA is able to provide valuable feedback to shoemakers by carrying out initial assessments of the design and construction, as well as slip resistance, impact and compression testing. By doing this, they ensure the rest of the design and manufacture process complies with the safety footwear standards and the CE marking certification requirements, significantly lessening the necessity of expensive product recalls and the risk of litigation.

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SATRA offers the complete range of safety footwear tests including EN ISO, ASTM, CSA, SANS, and AS/NZS standards. SATRA is a European Notified Body and has a team of experts on hand to help shoemakers through the process of the initial sample development tests. The team can advise promptly on the procedures which need to be followed to meet the requirements of the various standards.

SATRA can cover slip resistance testing, abrasion testing, durability, comfort assessment, thermal and breathability rating, restricted chemical analysis tests as well as providing fitting and sizing assessments of safety footwear and motorcycle boots.

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