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Seahawk Apparel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of protective workwear, PPE, embroidered, heat seal branded clothing and promotional merchandise in the UK. 

The workwear expert prides itself on offering the highest protection to diverse specialist markets including oil and gas, the emergency services, energy and construction. Seahawk also supplies the NHS with crucial uniforms and protective PPE, including theatre scrubs and gowns.

Seahawk’s team of design and manufacturing specialists produce custom made solutions from their Scottish production facility in Glenrothes, Fife. The company is known for its innovative technical textiles, rapid turnaround, flexible minimum order quantities, garment repairs, alterations service, and an impressive extended size range. A great example is the eagerly anticipated launch of the new FR/AS 234 Coverall, designed for comfort and flexibility with hi-tech, no shrink properties, makes it perfect for the demanding laundry rental market. Their in-house embroidery and heat seal garment branding facilities guarantee exceptional value in branded workwear.

With a skilled capability to manufacture bespoke clothing adhering to specific requirements, Seahawk is renowned for enhancing workwear with unique features for additional functionality. It also manufactures a variety of poly-cotton coveralls, overalls, waterproof garments, hi-vis jackets, trousers, waistcoats, thermal wear, and reusable face masks. Seahawk produces the finest in flame-retardant and anti-static clothing for sectors including oil and gas, transport, engineering and laundry rental.

Driving manufacturing in the UK

A post-pandemic and post-Brexit future has generated uncertainty around protracted and costly global supply chains, which have become unresponsive and constraining for UK procurement professionals.

Textiles manufacturing businesses have increasingly relied on outsourcing labour forces, which has translated into a generational loss of young, talented workers in the UK textiles industry. In response, Seahawk is cultivating collaborative relationships with both academic institutions and manufacturers to create a series of apprenticeships for the future. 

Seahawk is focusing on revitalising skills and bringing in new talent to revive the local industry and build a business where people are proud to work. 


During the coronavirus pandemic, Seahawk Apparel was one of the first to market with a reusable barrier mask, manufacturing over 400,000 items in the UK.

Seahawk is an esteemed member of “Made In Britain,” a national network of trusted, transparent UK manufacturers. The company is bolstering its UK credentials by encouraging local industry, and retaining and training new skill sets to inject resiliency into UK textiles manufacturing. Seahawk is also a member of leading trade organisations like the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), Textile Services Association (TSA), and of course, PCIAW®.

Rob Sayles

It’s less about individual products and more about retaining skills in the UK in the face of a post-pandemic and post-Brexit future.

Rob Sayles, Managing Director, Seahawk apparel

Visualising a sustainable future

Seahawk’s core business offering lies in high-value protective garments, made with precision and care. The manufacturer’s expertise is intricately tied up in its understanding of particular industry requirements and developing solutions hand-in-hand with customers. 

Seahawk offers garment repair services to prolong the life cycle of garments, which form a crucial aspect of circular textile initiatives. 

Seahawk offers garment repair services to prolong the life cycle of garments, which form a crucial aspect of circular textile initiatives. 


In addition, it has partnered with Avena to securely destroy and recycle corporate clothing and PPE from around the UK. 

Seahawk prides itself on its sustainable solution for end-of-life PPE, involving either recycling through shredding or reuse in insulation to avoid waste to landfill. 

In the future, Seahawk Apparel visualises an expansion into different markets and optimisation of its services to give clients a more memorable experience. 

The protective workwear and safety clothing specialist is well equipped to expand its range to include bespoke garments and specialist kit bags and has also recently extended its garment personalisation range to offer a complete range of promotional merchandise. Available online: 

Seahawk Apparel is intent on evolving its business model and utilising new opportunities to increase awareness of the importance of buying local and supporting communities up and down the country. 

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