Seahawk Apparel: Scottish Partnership Forged to Drive Garment Manufacturing Back to the UK

Seahawk Apparel, the Scottish-based workwear garment manufacturer, has teamed up with SSEAMS, the apparel creative agency, to champion onshore manufacturing opportunities and support its investment plans to produce premium apparel at its established specialist protective garment manufacturing facility in Glenrothes, Fife.

Passionate advocates for British manufacturing, Seahawk Apparel’s designers, pattern cutters and machinists have produced high-quality specialist protective clothing for almost 30 years.

Premium Apparel

The collaboration with SSEAMS will take the business a step up from the traditional CMT service to offer a full menu of premium apparel services from materials sourcing to pattern making. 

For the first time in over a decade, they will strategically support clothing brands through product development and production, providing a complete support system for customers with the principle of working together to create progressive and sustainable apparel solutions – bringing mill, manufacturer, and designer closer.

Diane Richardson, the co-founder at SSEAMS, said: “We’re confident about putting Scotland back on the map for product creation excellence. Working together to share multi-disciplinary skills is a progressive step forward for Scottish garment manufacturing. Together, we aim to bring brand, maker, fabric mill and design closer together, back in Scotland, to support all parties’ business and environmental impact goals.”

The Seahawk Premium Apparel factory collection will launch this Spring and aims to attract British brands that currently source overseas to return home for their garment manufacturing needs. The collection covers market-relevant modern workwear styles and showcases Seahawk’s technical expertise with weatherproofed and performance outerwear.

The ten-piece collection, designed and made in Scotland, will showcase British fabric mills, and celebrate the craftsmanship of the Seahawk Apparel team.

Innovative, specialist protective clothing

As a specialist protective clothing manufacturer with expertise in garment and textile technologies, Seahawk continues building on its industrial heritage to launch its latest soft, durable fire-retardant (FR) coveralls.

Designed for workers in the oil and gas, welding, engineering, and transportation industries, the FR coverall features excellent durability, protection, and comfort. The garment utilises TenCate’s Tecapro® satin fabric, chosen for its anti-shrinking properties and strength for heavy-duty industries, and performs exceptionally well in industrial launderability tests. The Tecapro® fabric also maintains its soft feel even after industrial drying.

The coverall has fire retardant, anti-electrostatic and protective qualities, certified to EN11611 Class 1; EN11612 A1, A2, B1, C1, & F1; EN1149-3:2004, and EN13688 standards.

Championing sustainability through onshoring and recycling

Businesses within the textiles and professional clothing industry often try to incorporate sustainable practices wherever possible, so Seahawk Apparel offers an attractive alternative to businesses and manufacturers which rely on global supply chains. Trans-continental shipping has an enormous carbon footprint, but buyers can reduce their carbon emissions by purchasing from near-shore UK and European sources where possible.

The company also offers its customers a range of sustainable end-of-life workwear and PPE solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Proud to be a British manufacturer

It’s an enduring reality that British manufacturers are often pushed out of the market in favour of cheaper foreign goods. Still, UK buyers are beginning to recognise the commercial, social, and environmental advantages of onshore sourcing strategies. 

Supporting UK manufacturers like Seahawk Apparel will ensure Britain retains the skills needed for quality garment production and develop the next generation of craftspeople with the competence to compete in a global economy.

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