Sewport Sews Ideas Into Garments On E-Platform

In one-of-its-kind, UK based Sewport has put in efforts to change the way brands and manufacturers interact by launching a modern online platform where brands, start-ups and fashion enthusiasts can seamlessly interact and develop clothing online.
Sewport consolidates service providers and provides an online environment with tools for a better experience.
Sewport aims to disrupt the billion-dollar fashion industry and expand to other sectors to bring communication between manufacturers and customers to a new standard. Both experienced fashion brands and newcomers without any links to the apparel industry will benefit from the platform’s inquiry process as intelligent algorithms to categorise their projects and determine the best manufacturers for the job – bringing brands one step closer to manufacturing their product.
“With companies and brands already using the platform across the globe, Sewport represents a modern solution to the step-by-step garment production process by offering and guiding brands through the process automatically. Its intuitive functionality is built around accelerating and improving the way brands and service providers connect and communicate. The system also provides online tools that help jump-start the path from a sketch to a product, secure payments and its own purpose-built chat that helps boost and simplify the whole experience for both sides,” Sewport press release stated.

“Our users’ say it’s the service they have long been waiting for. Starting and running an emerging clothing brand has a very steep learning curve and it takes months and years to build the right connections – with our platform people can do the same in minutes. We are removing complexity around creating a piece of clothing and improving lead qualification for manufacturers at the same time. Our team has years of experience in the garment production industry. During this time we faced many struggles and observed how brands and manufacturers hit the same wall over and over again. We decided to address these issues and created Sewport – a unique space where anyone can turn their passion into products,” Boris Hodakel, founder of Sewport, said.
Sewport also enables collaboration of multiple service providers on a single project. The built-in multi-user chat room allows brands to invite multiple companies for a discussion and at the same time de-clutters their mailboxes. All communication, tech packs and attachment exchange conveniently take place on the platform. As the result, manufacturers get a unique opportunity to pool their capabilities to satisfy clients’ most extravagant needs.

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