Share of polyester in global fibre market to reduce slightly by 2025

Global textiles fibre market is witnessing a sweeping change in share and size. Cotton fibre market is shrinking while polyester fibre market will peak out despite largest share. Vegetation based cellulosic fibre is grabbing a larger market due to its softness and cotton-like feel. The global market is likely to grow to 110.636 million ton (110,636.89 KT) by 2025. 

According to an analysis based on data from Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro, polyester fibre market was 44.672 million ton in 2015 which grew to 55.759 million ton in 2021. Its market share also increased from 52.38 per cent to 57.57 per cent in the same period. But the market share will reduce to 56.36 per cent (62.950 million ton) by 2025. The annual growth of polyester fibre will be 3.1 per cent against total textiles fibre market growth of 3.29 per cent during 2020-2025. 

The market share of cotton fibre is expected to reduce to 24.54 per cent in 2025 from 28.57 per cent in 2015. Cotton production has been disrupted in recent years due to rough weather conditions in various regions of the world. Cotton fibre market was 24.040 million ton in 2015 which reduced to 22.765 million ton in 2020 but bounced back to 26.023 million ton in 2021. It will increase to 27.040 million ton in 2025 with annual growth of 3.5 per cent during the preceding five years. Higher growth is attributed to fall in 2020 due to production loss. 

Vegetation based cellulosic (viscose) fibre market is still limited across the world. But cotton-like touch and feel has added to its acceptance in the market. Fashion world is also propelling the demand of viscose fibre. Its market size was 5.185 million ton in 2015 which grew to 6.609 million ton in 2021 and is expected to reach at 8.087 million ton in 2025. The growth rate of viscose fibre will be 5.58 per cent during 2020-2025. The growth will be highest among various types of textile fibres. The market share of viscose was 5.95 per cent out of the total market size of 84.078 million ton in 2015 and 6.66 per cent in 2021. It is expected to grow to 7.27 per cent in 2025. 

As per TexPro, The market share of polypropylene and others was 4.76 per cent (4.316 million ton) in 2015 which grew to 5.45 per cent (5.409 million ton) in 2021. The market share will be the same at 5.45 per cent but size will grow to 6.051 million ton till 2025. 

Total market share of these four varieties of fibre (cotton, polyester, viscose and polypropylene) was 91.66 per cent of the total textile fibre market. The share of these fibres grew to 95.94 per cent in 2021 but is expected to come down to 93.62 per cent in 2025. 

Other fibres like nylon, acrylic and wool have very negligible market share. 

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