Simon Jersey announce launch of Lightweight Healthcare Tunic

Simon Jersey are pleased to announce the launch of their latest product innovation for the Healthcare sector, the Lightweight Healthcare Tunic.

The new product contains all the features required by wearers with infection compliant fabric that is washable at 60 degrees, in a new weighted fabric of 145gsm fabric vs the original 195gsm.

The internal design team at Simon Jersey has worked closely with their client base to understand the requirements of Healthcare workers to support them through a daily shift.

Product Development Manager Lynne Anderson commented: ‘We are constantly looking for ways to support Healthcare workers across public and private practice. Following the Summer heatwave in the UK, the key feedback was that employees wanted a lighter weight fabric that contained all the technical features of the original Healthcare tunic. Internally we worked to ensure we met the requirements needed to support a Healthcare worker, with the much lighter weight of 145gsm.’

Available in four colours; navy, hospital blue, royal blue and sky blue, the Tunic will include features such as two inset pockets, a waterproof breast pocket and a soft collar neckline. Finishing on the mid-thigh, the Tunic can be paired with an array of medically suitable trousers.

The Lightweight Healthcare Tunic is available across male and female options, so individual private clinics through public practise will be able to provide for a full team.

For more information on the Tunic, shop the range at, or alternatively drop their customer service team a call on 0808 503 8092 to discuss how the Tunic can work for your employees.