Sizing and Wardrobe Management Webinar Report

Sizing-Wardrobe Management panellists

The PCIAW® are over the moon to announce our second webinar – Sizing and Wardrobe Management – was a great success.

The webinar – in partnership with Gerber Technology – took place on Wednesday 5th August and welcomed 160 attendees, spanning across 15 countries. Nine industry experts joined the panel to discuss their solutions, their challenges and innovations in the sizing and wardrobe management field.

The webinar opened with both Richard Jessup and Leanne Howard of Gerber Technology to share insights into how the professional clothing industry changed dramatically with a large amount of processes moving online – and that the pandemic caused a 25% increase in the number of garments brought online.

Elsewhere, Nisha Muire of Air Canada discussed the issues of sizing as a buyer within the industry, noting that employees often do not know how to take measurements, how to use the sizing tools and charts and that they often choose uniform based on emotion.

We also heard from Nichole Levitt representing Sizer, who touched on Sizerpro: a measuring platform offering a new way for employees to be sized during travel restrictions and social distancing. She stated, “Sizer have a deep understanding of the professional clothing industry and are very flexible. We work with companies, which is why we get such good results.”

Other industry experts that sat on the panel included:
Charlotte Clark of Alsico UK 
Alexander Vandevelde of QuantaCorp 
Helen Christie from Evolve
Whitney Cathcart of 3DLOOK
Ron Wessels from Ecmanage.

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of sizing and wardrobe management was flagged to us numerous times by our members, so we hope this webinar has helped the industry navigate such a topic in this current time.

You can view the webinar in its entirety here.

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