New protective wear range revealed by Snickers Workwear

Snickers' Hi-Vis Collection - part of the new protective wear range

Snickers Workwear is advising wearers to stay safe with its new protective wear solutions for men and women. The new range combats long working days and cheap uncomfortable clothing with a better-informed choice for men and women working in hazardous environments and inclement weather.

The comprehensive selection consists of ergonomically designed Base-Mid and Top-layer clothes that are certified as appropriate for different risks at work to ensure comfort, health and workforce-wellbeing, all day, every day.

The new protective wear range also includes waterproof and windproof AllroundWork Hi-Vis Jackets that provide protection in low-light, high-risk environments. Garments from the AllroundWork collection offers true versatility when you need to be ready for everything, with the items designed with amazing fit and exceptional functionality. The modern collection of workwear that emphasizes fit, protection and comfort mean it’s a safe choice for everyday use.

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The Hi-Vis collection, on the other hand, means the wearer can be instantly seen and discovered in hazardous work environments. The collection of hi-vis garments offers a diverse choice of functionality and comfort.  High-visibility clothing is a vital part of personal protection when working in dim light conditions. 

So whatever the hazard on-site, the Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis collection and ProtecWork range can help to provide a protective wear solution to provide maximum, certified performance whatever the risks on site.

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