Speakers Announced for Bendi & PCIAW® Collaborative Webinar

PCIAW® is hosting a webinar in collaboration with Bendi on the 28th of September, focusing on risks, responsibilities, and social obligations companies have in relation to their supply chain.

Bendi is a data intelligence software that is helping professional clothing companies to identify and assess the risks of labour rights challenges and exploitation in third-party value chains.

The webinar with Bendi, Ansell, and guests, will discuss how companies can go beyond supplier codes of conduct in assessing labour standards in their third-party value chains and how technology can enrich the snap-shot-in-time reports provided by social audits.

In anticipation of the upcoming event, PCIAW® would like to share some information about the speakers and what topics they will be discussing:

SK Jenefa K. Jabbar

Director, Social Compliance and Safeguarding, BRAC

Jenefa will be presenting on current due diligence legislation being implemented, and what it means for the rights of workers and the future of global textile manufacturing.

SK Jenefa Khanom Jabbar joined BRAC in January 2019 as the Director of Safeguarding and Social Compliance. She also chairs the Safeguarding and Grievance Management Committee (SGMC) at BRAC.

She has been leading the safeguarding unit of BRAC that works in ensuring a conducive work environment by supporting organisations within the BRAC family. She also leads the Social Compliance programme of BRAC that supports the private sector organisations to strengthen the safeguarding mechanisms and build a safe working environment for its workforce. Jenefa has extensive knowledge and experience in employee safeguarding, grievance handling, inquiry/investigation.

Prior to joining BRAC, she worked as the Regional Responsible Sourcing Director for JCPenney Purchasing Corporation overseeing South Asia, Middle East and Africa. She has a decorated career of over 25 years with experience of working with renowned organisations including BRAC University, UNDP, ILO, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), TESCO, Gap Inc and Dr Kamal Hossain & Associates. She practiced law as an advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh for more than nine years and is on the Independent Experts Committee of Keeping Children’s Safe (KCS).

Ms. Jenefa is a Barrister-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom. She has several publications and is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom and Dhaka Bar Association.

Catherine Stribley

VP, Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility and Company Secretary, Ansell Limited

Catherine will use her extensive experience to provide a critical examination of supply chain auditing practices, analyzing their efficacy in identifying and remediating forced labor risks.

Catherine is responsible for driving Ansell’s sustainability strategy and initiatives to integrate sustainability practices within Ansell’s current business model and to continue advancing Ansell’s performance and global recognition as a responsible and sustainable company.

As Company Secretary, Catherine is also responsible for the integrity of the Company’s governance framework.

Prior to her current role, Catherine has held legal position both in-house and in private practice.

Mandeep Soor

CEO & Co-founder, Bendi

Mandeep is the co-founder of the innovative and revolutionary Bendi platform, and will be discussing how emerging technologies can assist with product traceability and real-time risk analysis in the supply chain.

Mandeep Soor, Co-founder and CEO of the supply chain transparency startup Bendi, strives to help manufacturing businesses evolve beyond traditional audits to gain real-time transparency in their complex global supply chains.

With 14 years of leadership experience that spans commercial consulting roles, fast-paced technology startups, and 5 formative years at the prestigious Boston Consulting Group, Mandeep brings a tremendous wealth of cross-industry knowledge and hard-earned expertise to tackle the immense challenge of enabling end-to-end transparency across intricate modern-day supply chains.

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