Spinnova and Adidas unveil their first commercial product

Spinnova and Adidas have introduced the all-new hoodie, TERREX HS[1], the first Adidas product made with the sustainable SPINNOVA[®]material.
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Spinnova and Adidas have introduced the all-new hoodie, TERREX HS[1], the first Adidas product made with the sustainable SPINNOVA[®]material.

This announcement marks an important milestone in SPINNOVA[®] materials becoming available for consumers globally.

Eight months after announcing their partnership, Spinnova and Adidas have unveiled the first Adidas product made with SPINNOVA® fibres. Composed of a minimum of 25% wood-based fibres and organic cotton, the Adidas TERREX HS1 is a mid-layer knit for hikers that sees Adidas exploring a more sustainable textile solution. Working with the material’s natural colour, the hoodie is made without dyeing or bleaching chemicals.

A limited number of the TERREX HSwill be made commercially available on Adidas.com and in other selected retail outlets with global reach from July, marking a significant milestone in Spinnova’s market entry.

“Spinnova is on a mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile industry by providing radically sustainable and high-performance textile materials. We are very proud of the revolutionary results our teams have accomplished together. Today’s launch is a major milestone on our joint commercial journey, says Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder,” says Janne Poranen.

Spinnova’s first commercial-scale factory is expected to be completed in Finland at the end of this year. Spinnova and its Woodspin joint venture partner Suzano have a scaling target of a million tonnes of global fibre production capacity per annum within the next 10-12 years.

As part of ensuring access to future volumes of SPINNOVA®, Adidas became a cornerstone investor in Spinnova’s initial public offering last June.

“Using SPINNOVA® fibres will allow Adidas to make high-performance apparel while reducing the CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste usually required to create such products. The TERREX HS1 is a major step on Adidas’ journey to create nine out of 10 articles with a sustainable technology, materials, design or manufacturing method by 2025,” says Carla Murphy, General Manager of Adidas TERREX.

SPINNOVA® is a circular textile fibre made of sustainably sourced wood, without harmful chemicals. It produces 65% less CO2 emissions and uses 99% less water than cotton production and contains zero microplastics.

Although significant in terms of Spinnova’s commercialisation, this launch will not have a material impact on Spinnova’s financial performance in 2022, when the majority of revenues are expected to come from technology sales to its joint ventures.

Source + Image: Spinnova and Adidas

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