Spinnova and Halti join forces – a responsibly dyed parka jacket made from SPINNOVA® fibre to stores in spring 2023

The Cyclus unisex parka jacket is the first product of the collaboration between Spinnova and Halti, and the newest product in the urban Kallio® collection launched by Halti this year. The water-repellent and windproof parka jacket is made of SPINNOVA® fiber and cotton, and it is dyed with the environmentally friendly dyeing method of the Swedish technology company imago. This is the first product to utilize both Spinnova and imogo technologies. The jacket will go on sale during the spring of 2023. 

Finnish outdoor clothing and equipment brand Halti has launched its first product made of SPINNOVA fibre – a water-repellent and windproof parka jacket made of SPINNOVA®® fibre and cotton. The Cyclus unisex parka jacket is part of the urban Kallio® by Halti collection launched by Halti this year, either consisting of timeless clothes and accessories that are suitable for both the urban environment and nature trails, without compromising on functionality and weather resistance. The parka jacket will go on sale during spring 2023. 

“We have extremely high criteria for the materials we use: we prefer recyclable and responsibly produced materials that can withstand all weather conditions, no matter what comes out of the sky. It’s fascinating to use new materials and learn how they work in practice. Our long-term goal is to make innovative products such as the Cyclus unisex parka jacket widely available to consumers and for everyday use. Spinnova makes no compromises between performance and responsibility, and as a strong Finnish brand, it is a natural partner for us to do this,” says Aki Kuusilehto, CEO of Halti . 

The production of the Cyclus unisex parka jacket combines two revolutionary technologies: the product is made from the new SPINNOVA® fiber and dyed with the environmentally friendly technology of the Swedish textile company imago. IMAGO’s patented technology is extremely resource-efficient: it reduces energy, chemical and water use by more than 90% compared to conventional jet dyeing. Spinnova® fibre uses very little water and no harmful chemicals. The fibre is fully biodegradable and recyclable. Spinnova first announced its collaboration with the imogo in July 2022. 

Approximately two-thirds of the carbon footprint of the entire clothing value chain is typically generated during the production, dyeing and processing of the material. Therefore, replacing traditional treatment methods with new technologies such as Spinnova and imogo offers companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the use of water and chemicals. 

“Halti and imogo are both examples of strong Nordic brands that raise the bar in terms of creativity and performance as well as sustainability. We are excited to deepen our cooperation with both companies, and we can’t wait for the Cyclus unisex parka jacket to arrive in stores,” says Kim Poulsen, CEO of Spinnova . 

The product launch is part of Spinnova’s commercialization plans. Together with its investor and partner Suzano, Spinnova’s goal is to achieve a global SPINNOVA® fibre capacity of one million tonnes per year by 2031–2033. This provides global fashion brands and retailers with a multipurpose and responsible fiber on a commercial scale.    

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