Spurring discovery in eye & ear protection

In today’s infinitely expansive world, it is integral that headgear, eyewear and ear protection offers comfort, reliability, and ease-of- use. 

Original innovations in the industry have pioneered ergonomically designed accessories which are practical yet comfortable, all whilst offering optimal safety and the foremost protection.

Bollé Safety: a visionary in protective eyewear

Founded in 1888 in Oyonnax, France, Bollé Safety launched the production of innovative sunglasses and optical frames in Celluloid, closely followed by Rhodoid. 

Following the Second World War, Bollé emerged a leading expert of moulded nylon which adhered to the highest standards of the time. In 1950, Bollé added its first pair of goggles and masks to its inventive line of products. A global pioneer, Bollé has led the industry from its small workshop origins to the preeminent global manufacturer of quality eyewear.

Bollé eye protection has a vision to minimise workplace risks wherever visible, advancing the latest technological solutions to pave the way forward, always in compliance with European standards.

Bollé Safety begun their reign of manufacturing glasses in 1925 and have been on an ever-expanding trajectory ever since. Refining their craft throughout the decades, the eye protection specialists worked alongside the French army, navy and aerospace industry to develop safety goggles. Today, the pioneering business operates in over 90 countries worldwide with over 15 million workers wearing Bollé Safety eyewear. 

The mission statement of Bollé Safety is to protect workers’ vision, all over the world, in the harshest environments and improve their performance. They aim to develop innovative, ergonomic solutions to protective eyewear which are tailored to each market and their specific needs. Their eyewear range is designed and manufactured with exceptional quality, comfort and safety. Customers can wear Bolllé Safety eyewear knowing it conforms to worldwide standards.

Dedicated engineering at its finest

Activities that alternate exposure to bright and low light present a risk for workers’ vision. While clear lenses are not adapted to sunny environments, smoke lenses are too dark to provide a clear vision while working indoors. Bollé Safety has dedicated all their expertise to engineer a lens technology that addresses this issue.

Bollé Safety’s Comfort Sensitivity Perception (CSP) technology includes a light tint that provides greater visibility and contrast both inside and outside, resulting in an increased perception of details in all environments whilst offering more comfort.

Their latest innovative technology also protects its wearer against harmful blue light by filtrating the light rays that go to the retina from all sources such as the sun, LED lighting and screens, thus reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Protection against the harshest environments

With Bollé Safety’s Comfort Sensitivity Perception technology added at the core of the polycarbonate lens, the expert eye protection ensures the highest durability and quality, while their PLATINUM® coating protects against scratches and delays the appearance of fog (EN166 K & N rated). As a result, workers will benefit from the highest visual quality and comfort, all day long. As their long-standing practices continue to this day, Bollé Safety meticulously tested the products in severe environments to ensure protection in all situations.

Available on most of their top-selling products, CSP technology is already adopted by the companies who tried it. This technology will be particularly appreciated when working in the mining, transportation and rail industry due to its great versatility. It is also a great add-on to the PPE equipment as it increases protection and vision in every environment.

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Web: www.bolle-safety.com

Tel: +33 4 78 85 23 64

Insta: /bolle_safety

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Hellberg Safety: Speaking volumes to dedicated ear protection

Hellberg Safety’s commitment to providing quality, unfiltered protection and secures optimal safety and performance.

Hellberg offers quality hearing protection – prioritising the wellbeing of customers and catering to a diverse range of needs by offering both passive and electronic hearing protectors. Its dedicated features, such as Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, boom microphone, active listening, and two-way communication guarantee a happier and more efficient workplace.

Hellberg Safety is a Swedish-based company specialising in hearing and face protection. An inventive pioneer in the industry, founder Arne Hellberg truly understood the necessity of protecting hearing by nature as a prominent sports shooter. Since the 1960s, the entrepreneur has been brainstorming new advancements in hearing and face protection which led to the hugely innovative company we discuss today. 

The Hellberg Safety PPE range features the latest advanced technologies with modern design, comfort and quality, offering top performance which appeals to all types of professional users in high-risk, noisy work environments. 

Hellberg Safety’s SECURE ACTIVE headsets enable workers to communicate safely with colleagues and stay alert for important signals and warnings whilst maintaining protection from hazardous noise. Each ear-cup features built-in, level-dependent microphones provide perfect directional hearing with an Electronic Protection System (EPS) circuitry that limits all sounds through the speakers to a safe level to remove the risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

According to EU noise directive 2003/10/EC, hearing protection must be used if the average noise level is 85 dB or higher and it is recommended from an average level of 80 dB.

The active listening feature is critical for retaining productivity because the alternative passive hearing protectors significantly reduce speech intelligibility when exposed to noise at 90 dB, which could also impact the ability to hear safety signals. Hellberg Safety reports that speech recognition can decrease from 70% to 25% when using passive hearing protectors, which also risks workers removing them in unsafe environments to communicate.

The safest option when working in loud environments is to use electronic hearing protectors such as Hellberg Safety’s SECURE ACTIVE to allow for undisturbed communication that offers robust protection and comfort. Workers can speak at normal dynamic ranges and get a clear sound quality. If the end-users need to communicate frequently or at greater distances, two-way communication hearing protectors are recommended.

Hellberg Safety’s dedication and thoughtfulness led to extensive development in safety expertise. The company has also shown that product design and technology is equally important offering a comfortable fit if the protective kit is to be worn for a full working day. The replaceable headband and ear cushions allow for a regular replacement for a memorable, long-lasting and high-performance product.

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