Stanley Russell: 40 years of breaking boundaries

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Stanley Russell is a fellow of the Textile Institute, with over 40 years of experience in the textile industry. He is a renowned, multiple award winning specialist in the creation and development of cutting edge lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and high-performance firefighter assemblies.

His experience working with laminates, knits, woven fabrics, non-woven, and high visibility tape manufacturers for new innovations has allowed him to collaborate with laboratories to manufacture state-of-the-art products with longevity in mind. As a seasoned consulting specialist, Stanley has helped to create value-oriented commercial infrastructures which cater to maximise profits for clients and stakeholders.

Stanley is the Owner and Director of APT Fabrics Ltd, a renowned textile consultancy service offering a bespoke range of performance laminated products for industrial and leisure end uses. APT Fabrics Ltd has collaborated with police forces, utility companies, emergency services and the Ministry of Defence, all the whilst producing their own Aclimatise clothing line.

The Northern Ireland-based company holds training seminars and design optimisation services for customers all over the world, from Switzerland to China.

Whilst working in product development at Ballyclare Limited, Stanley focused on innovating upon a product’s strengths and improving upon its weaknesses. He emphasises the sheer importance of engaging with clients and end-users when developing new systems; it’s the key to creating long-lasting, tried and tested products. “I’ve learnt from my mistakes but I’ve also learnt from my successes,” he states.

He nurtures a deep-seated interest in the industry, constantly keeping up to date on new developments and collaborating with competitors to perfect his portfolio. An experienced figure in consultancy, Stanley is accustomed to refining solutions and winning tenders on products he specifically developed himself. It is integral to understand a tender’s requirements through communication, he emphasises.

I’ve learnt from my mistakes but I’ve also learnt from my successes.

Stanley Russell

By gearing products to specifically meet client specifications, Stanley has a history of designing tailor-made bespoke products as opposed to the one-product-does-all approach. He has collaborated with companies across the world, pushing boundaries and setting new standards with innovative products.

He outlines the strategic importance of agility and flexibility, learning from competitors by adopting a problem-solving approach. Using this methodology, Stanley manufactured a nonwoven structure bonded to a PTFE membrane for the Fire Department. He insists he’s not reinventing the wheel, merely improving on existing product specifications. His nonwoven structure has a 3D surface instead of a linear surface to increase airflow and moisture transportation.

Judging by his distinguished career, the key is to examine carefully and experiment boldly.

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