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Stuncroft tailoring

Stuncroft’s attachment to bespoke tailoring is steeped in a lengthy history of over 40 years. 

Launched by the late entrepreneur Brian Long, Stuncroft has supplied some of the world’s largest and best-known retailers from manufacturing bases around the world. The company has become synonymous with quality of service and the finest garments, retaining a robust foothold in the formalwear space.

Stuncroft possesses a strong and reliable European manufacturing facility, complemented by various manufacturing partnerships all across Asia. Customers are confident in the knowledge that Stuncroft delivers continually high ethical standards and supply chain solutions.

Stuncroft has refined its expert knowledge of the dynamics of high street retail, as well as fabric and raw materials, design, sampling, manufacturing, and quality assurance, not to mention the necessity of timely logistics. 

The Stuncroft head office is based in Yorkshire, UK, with a well-structured data centre and a dedicated shipping and logistics department. 

A team of leading technicians are present in all of its manufacturing facilities, overseeing every aspect of pattern making, production, and the finest quality control.

The company’s pattern technologists facilitate collaboration with customers to ensure that that the garment’s fit and level of style detail meets exact requirements, whether it’s a classic or cutting-edge design.

In the last decade, the business was carefully steered by former Managing Director Douglas Bailey. Douglas oversaw the launch of pioneering ranges of corporatewear and continued to innovate and push the boundaries of stock tailoring, a cause very close to his heart.

International acclaim 

Since its founding, Stuncroft has worked hard to build longstanding relationships with fabric and lining mills across the world. It continues to visit major fabric exhibitions in Shanghai, Paris, and Milan, using the very best fabrics and trims, which are assiduously tested for quality assurance to ensure compliance.

The company assumes an ethical trading responsibility for the materials it procures and aims to minimise any harmful impact on the environment.

Currently, Stuncroft holds an impressive library of over 10,000 different types of fabrics and linings, including polyester, PV, PVL, poly/wool/lycra, wool blends, and pure new wool at the Yorkshire showroom.

As well as its private label division, Stuncroft is Europe’s premier corporatewear supplier for bespoke mens and ladies tailored garments from stock and specific contracts. If any further evidence is required to underline Stuncroft’s tailoring credentials, the business also creates luxury made-to-measure garments for department stores and tailors all around Europe.

Planning a prosperous future

The last 18 months have brought profound changes in the corporatewear sector, along with the challenges of Brexit. Despite this, the Stuncroft team showed strong determination and a commitment to excellence throughout.

Stuncroft remained open throughout to serve loyal and trusted customers, even if sales were lighter than required to justify keeping the business open. 

As the industry emerged from the crisis, Stuncroft looked inward to reorient the business and resolved to focus on three core initiatives moving forward.

Firstly, it recognised that the traditional mediums of engaging clients were likely to be slow to return to normality. The company lent its support to an excellent marketing team to develop new ways of engaging and supporting clients remotely. Thus, the Stuncroft tailoring guide was born, marking the emergence of Stuncroft as a pioneer of digital client engagement and a discreet supportive partner for clients everywhere.

Secondly, the corporatewear giant focused on its remarkable made-to-measure pedigree, reflecting a real affinity with bespoke tailoring. Stuncroft is honoured to serve respected tailors all around the UK. 

As diversification is key to survival, Stuncroft decided to heavily invest in its made-to-measure team, its various IT platforms, and the invaluable product development process, over the last 7 months. The team is eager to emerge stronger from recent challenges and demonstrate its strong resolve to assure and support loyal tailors.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Stuncroft is immensely proud of its committed, loyal, and fearless team. The company is appreciative of its supportive new ownership team and is looking forward to continuing to honour the legacy of Stuncroft’s founder, as well as previous management. 

Stuncroft is confident that it will be leading the direction of the formalwear sector for many years to come.


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