Sugdens: New Blue Wicking Shirt Now Available!

After listening to customer feedback, Sugdens are now pleased to announce that alongside the black offering they now stock their very popular Men’s Wicking Shirt in Navy.
The smart, high-performance wicking shirts bring the latest in workwear technology to your workforce.
Wicking Shirts work by drawing moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Offering breathability, drying, and cooling capabilities, Wicking Shirts don’t just work well in the heat. They’re great in just about any condition, insulating when necessary and reacting well to just about any temperature.
The all climate, Wicking Shirt helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool on hot days and nights but ensuring that when you are cold, you don’t lose body heat. Wicking Shirts are even worn to prevent hypothermia in cold climates!
The ultimate shirt for moisture management, Wicking Shirts also prevent bacterial and fungal growth and no matter how many washes, and how old the shirt gets, the moisture wicking properties are permanent.
“Trusted by the Emergency Services and Security Personnel alike, this high-performance wicking shirt with attached epaulettes, draws moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer dry, comfortable and able to perform in the toughest of environments. The moisture management wicking shirt provides the ultimate balance of performance features along with low maintenance durability for the most diverse and demanding daily workwear needs. Our wicking polo shirt is extremely resilient to washing, so there’s no need to worry about colours fading or the fabric pilling, even with frequent laundering.”
In celebration of the new Navy colour option, Sugdens are offering a special introductory rate, further details can be found by contacting Jane Marsden on 01924 375951, with the full shirt details available to view here >
Interested in this product? Call Sugdens on 01924 375 951.
PCIAW - Sugdens: New Navy Wicking Shirt

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