7 – 9th November 2023 | Alfandega Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal



The PCIAW® Summit is an educational event for the global professional clothing and textiles supply chain with unique networking opportunities.

The PCIAW® Summit is being hosted in Portugal for the first time to act as bridge in the global textiles supply chain and bring together industry professionals to educate on new innovations and share knowledge on solutions to shared industry challenges.

Elena Lai, Secretary-General of ETSA is Chairing the PCIAW® Summit 2023

I am truly thankful to Yvette Ashby and PCIAW® colleagues for this fantastic opportunity. The inherent circularity and sustainability of textile services will certainly strengthen the debate with the textile value chain, in Porto. There are important challenges ahead of our industry, in Europe and beyond, therefore further cooperation will be instrumental.

The Timeline

7th November

Textile and apparel factory tours for delegates arranged by ANIVEC the Portuguese association for clothing and apparel, who is a long-term partner of PCIAW®.

8th November

PCIAW® Summit Part 1 begins at 9:00am until 1:30pm followed by a networking lunch. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:30pm until 4pm.

9th November

PCIAW® Summit Part 2 begins at 9:00am until 1:00pm. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:00pm until 4pm.

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The PCIAW® Summit Agenda 2023

More will detail will be published soon. They key themes for 2023 will include the upcoming ecodesign regulations in the EU Green New Deal, supply chain transformations and the digitisation of workwear production.

The PCIAW® Summit has learning, development and networking at its core, as leading industry figures share expertise to help businesses navigate the direction of the uniform, workwear and PPE markets.

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PCIAW® Summit 2022 highlights
The PCIAW® Summit, ‘What’s Next in Professional Clothing?’ was a thought-provoking, educational event with networking at its core. Sustainability, social responsibility and inclusivity were common themes of the day, as 14 presentations with a total of 29 informative speakers took to the centre stage.
Summit 2022 Spotlight

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