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The PCIAW® Summit
2nd November 2021

Hosted at the Hilton London Metropole, the PCIAW® Summit is a highly educational conference for the professional clothing industry for unparalleled, international networking opportunities.

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The PCIAW® Summit 2021
Sustainability: Are You Ready?

The PCIAW® Summit will feature expert insights to teach about the revolutionary innovations in textiles and recycling, which are set to radically transform the supply chain and facilitate a sustainable, closed loop, circular economy.

Summit Agenda


Opening Addresses

09:00 – 09:05Welcoming guests in-person after a year of virtual meetings and introducing the PCIAW® Summit, Networking & Awards event after the most turbulent year the industry has ever faced. John Miln (Chairman, PCIAW®)

Yvette Ashby (CEO, PCIAW®)
09:05 - 09:10 Launching the PCIAW® Summit as the Headline Sponsors and celebrating 100 years of manufacturing in the UK. Welcoming the upcoming speakers about to educate on the future of the professional clothing industry’s sustainability journey.Jeff Morris
(Vice President, Milliken & Company)

Keynote Speaker

09:10 - 09:15Emphasising the important collaboration between ANIVEC and PCIAW®, with Portugal facilitating nearshore partnerships across the UK and Europe due to its ideal proximity to supply chains. César Araújo (President, ANIVEC; Founder, Calvelex; Founding Board Director, PCIAW®)

Industry Overview

09:15 - 09:25Updating the professional clothing industry on the state of the market, following a disruptive year caused by Brexit and the pandemic. Highlighting which sectors thrived and discussing the ongoing acquisitions which took the industry by storm.Jonathon Jones, OBE (Advocate, Plimsoll Publishing)
Q & A (5 minutes).
09:30 – 09:40Outlining the implications for the textile industry in the new post-Brexit trading regime with the rules of origins regulations to comply with and its effect on UK manufacturing, as well as our trading partners in the EU and around the world with integrated supply chains.Adam Mansell (CEO, UKFT)
Q & A (5 minutes).
09:45 – 10:00 Advocating for the UK - Tunisia partnership for the nearshoring of manufacturing for professional clothing, describing the talent and infrastructure for cost-effective alternatives from far afield with a new focus for promoting female entrepreneurship in the textile industry.Nabil Ben Khedher (TBC) (Tunisian Ambassador to Great Britain)

Della Nelson (Textile Specialist, OCO Global)

Barbara Grunewald (Senior Project Manager for Trade and Investment / Gender Specialist, OCO Global)
Q & A (5 minutes).

Sustainability: a Journey

10:05 - 10:15Connecting the professional clothing sector with the Textiles 2030’s science-led mission to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and textile waste in the journey towards a circular system, whilst working to shape government policy. Catherine Salvidge (Textile Specialist, WRAP)
Q & A (5 minutes).
10:20 – 10:30Presenting an overview of the BITC report ‘A Uniform Approach’, published in partnership with PCIAW® to educate suppliers on the sustainable procurement principles decided by buyers to help write tenders for eco-friendly uniforms to drive change by demand.Peter Belk (Campaign Director – Circular Economy – Business in the Community)
Q & A (5 minutes).
10:35 – 10:55Networking coffee break
10:55 – 11:05Reframing the debate away from the current take, make, use, dispose, consumption patterns by educating on the sustainable benefits of durable professional clothing with justification of unit prices based on life cycle cost analysis.Jonas Andersson (GORE-TEX Fabrics Division, Workwear Business Unit)
Q & A (5 minutes).
11:10 – 11:20Refining the sustainability of professional clothing manufacturing with transparency of its environmental impact across the lifetime of a garment by measuring the Environmental Product Declaration. Lisa Rosengren (Head of R&D, Fristads)
Q & A (5 minutes).
11:25 – 11:35Educating on the importance of supply chain transparency and traceability to ensure sustainable practices and social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain. Outlining what is involved in being able to fully understand the provenance of garments and all its components.Ngaire Takano
(Product Life Cycle Management Consultant)
Q & A (5 minutes).
11:40 – 11:50Advancing resourcing efficiency by utilising 3D CAD technology to validate patterns and simulate virtual garments, avoiding excess consumption of fabrics from creating physical samples, thereby reducing textile waste.Michael Lock (VP of Global Software Sales at Gerber Technology, a Lectra company)
Q & A (5 minutes).
11:55 – 12:05Harnessing the power of AI technology to solve the problem of size and fit in the professional clothing industry, whilst simultaneously reducing textile waste and carbon emissions by reducing the rate of which wearers return ill-fitting garments.Lara Mazzoni (Founder & CEO, BODI.ME)
Q & A (5 minutes).
12:10 – 14:10 Networking Lunch

ANIVEC: The Sustainability Discussion

14:10 - 14:35 Bringing together the leading minds from Portugal for an interactive discussion on the benefits of Europe’s sustainability progress and talk of the regulations for the textile industry, including Extended Producer Responsibility, the EU Waste Framework Directive and EU Landfill Directive. César Araújo (President, ANIVEC; Founder, Calvelex; Founding Board Director, PCIAW®)

Ana Tavares (Coordinator for Strategic Agenda for Sustainability and Circular Economy, CITEVE)
Q & A (5 minutes).

Biodegradable Fibres

14:40 – 14:50Identifying how the waste of today can become the raw material of tomorrow by upcycling pre-consumer textile waste and end-of-life garments into new raw material. Naturally sustaining the closed system with biodegradable cellulosic fibres derived from ethically sourced wood pulp.Alexandra Steger (Global Project Manager, Lenzing Fibres)

Peter Bartsch (Head of Sustainability Department, Lenzing Fibres)
Q & A (5 minutes).
14:55 – 15:05Thinking outside of the box with solutions that transform synthetic nylon fibres into biodegradable materials once landfilled.
A provocative solution, but an alternative to contend with for high-performance professional clothing with inherent obstacles to recycling.
Florent Cottin (Marketing Manager, DOMO Chemicals)
Q & A (5 minutes).
15:10 – 15:30Networking Coffee Break

Circularity: Proven Examples

Circular Textiles Recycle Chart
15:30 - 15:40Providing the latest updates on the production of garments that are designed to be recycled, to fulfil the circular economy.
Consider the fabrics, trims, threads and labels - leave no stone unturned when understanding how a garment will be recycled before it is designed.
Tim Cross (Director, Project Plan B).
Q & A (5 minutes).
15:45 – 15:55Researching and educating on the viability of manufacturing performance clothing with a revolutionary rain jacket utilising three-layer membranes for functionality, whilst maintaining the design principles to successfully prove a circular, closed loop system. Dr. Annette Mark (Director, BTK Europe)

Rick van Es (CEO, BTK Europe)
Q & A (5 minutes).
16:00 – 16:10Experiencing the circular economy of antiviral medical apparel and PPE with garments ending their life cycle, to be collected, shredded, carded and remanufactured back into medical textiles which prevent the shedding of microfibres often released on washing.Peter Clodd-Broom (Director & Co-Founder, Meryl Medical)
Q & A (5 minutes).

PPE in the Pandemic

16:15 – 16:25Solving the issue of contamination in professional clothing by adopting NASA technology to revolutionise the cleaning process for workwear and PPE, whilst alleviating the problem of laundry-related wear and tear from high temperatures and excess movement.Tommy Verminck (CEO, Decontex)
Q & A (5 minutes)
16:30 – 16:40Providing an overview on impact of the transition towards the UKCA marking for PPE in replacement of the CE marking after the Brexit-transition ended, whilst discussing the implications of the pandemic on testing and certifying. Chris Butcher
(Certification Manager, BTTG)
Q & A (5 minutes)
16:45 - 16:55 Highlighting the technical innovations in PPE which were accelerated throughout the pandemic across diverse industries, whilst discussing why sustainability and quality doesn’t have to be an either, or for manufacturing PPE. Paul Bryce (Vice President, Ansell)
Q & A (5 minutes)
17:00Thank you and close

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Meet the Exhibitors

The PCIAW® Summit 2021 will feature a selection of first-class exhibitors from the professional clothing industry, including innovative sizing technologies, digital wardrobe management solutions, high-end corporatewear and technical workwear and PPE.

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