Supercrease®: The permanent crease solution

With over 45 years of experience developing permanent creasing technology, Supercrease® offers the professional clothing industry a revolutionary and time-saving method which retains a garment’s crease indefinitely.

Starting the Supercease® journey

Since the early 20th century people have attempted to create longer-lasting creases in their garments, running dry soap or melting wax into their creases to seal their shape. Ken Houlbrook, the Founder of Supercrease®, evolved the idea behind these improvised solutions into a resin product which he introduced to the American market as Lintrak in 1976, in collaboration with Woolmark™. Supercrease® continues to innovate on Ken Houlbrook’s invention, spreading their technology to 46 countries and making the creasing process as easy and sustainable as possible.

The technology behind the permanent crease

The patented Supercrease® process uses compressed air to inject a custom-made resin into a pre-existing crease. The resin sets quickly, and within minutes the garment will have full Supercrease® protection, resistant to heat, moisture and dynamic stresses which would normally remove an ironed-in crease.

The resin is applied at the final stage before a garment goes to the consumer, meaning manufacturers can apply the resin at the end of their production line, while stores on the high street can offer the service as an add-on at the point of sale. Each garment only takes 30 seconds to process, and the application tools are adaptable for a variety of garments. Supercrease® can be applied to suit trousers, shirts, kilts, shorts, skirts, and most other conventional garments, providing opportunities for turning casual items like chinos into business-casual garments.

Advantages to choosing Supercrease®

The core advantage of using Supercrease® is ensuring employees can maintain a smart and tidy image without the added effort of ironing the creases into their garments. Maintaining a clean image is vital for establishing a good first impression with clients and customers, making Supercrease® an obvious choice for any outward-facing role. The creasing solution is also ideal for travel, as regardless of available time or laundry services Supercrease® ensures the garment will always have the crease you need.

Permanent creases made with resin are much better suited to laundering than other creasing solutions. Supercrease® keeps a crease for a minimum of 150 washes, dwarfing oven-baked creases which can only withstand 5 washes on average. The resin bonds to the fibres in the garment, allowing the crease to become part of the garment itself rather than a temporary force imposed on the fabric, which means the crease stays regardless of the wearer’s movement or body heat. Supercrease® is also popular with dry cleaners because the creases stay after washing the garment, providing easy guidelines for pressing and ironing.

The service Supercrease® provides is remarkably cost-effective wherever you decide to apply it within the supply chain. When a business wishes to apply the technology, they purchase a license that covers the cost of the table and tools used to apply the resin. The license is valid for as long as the holder wishes to use the technology. Supercrease®’s retail partners can choose to use their innovation to increase their market share or revenues, with the ability to charge pounds for Supercrease® when it costs pennies to add. Manufacturers can use the technology as an easily saleable add-on for their clients.

Sustainability at the core of the company

Care and consideration for the environment are at the heart of Supercrease®’s values, and the company is tremendously proud to claim complete carbon neutrality through voluntary carbon offsetting. The main source of their carbon emissions is international shipping, as the tools themselves are unpowered and require little energy input to manufacture. While alternative solutions might complicate garment recyclability, adding Supercrease® makes no impact because the resin can be removed with a non-damaging chemical solution which dissolves the resin. The resin is also biodegradable, so it has no impact on the biodegradability of a garment either.

Supercrease® even considers their office environment, using exclusively LED bulbs, fitting solar panels at their head offices, and offering electric vehicles as company cars. This holistic approach to sustainability demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring their business and products have a low environmental impact.

The future of Supercrease®

Supercrease® have come a long way since 1976, expanding into every global region with over 50 million garments made with their technology per year. They have experience working with international armed forces, police forces, corporate and school uniform suppliers, high-end fashion brands, and can provide their technology to any business which handles garments.

The company has also invested heavily in online training resources for customers, offering video-led training sessions and addressing clients remotely, extending its reach to any business with an internet connection.

Supercrease® has seen use in a variety of global markets, such as the Spanish police forces which use the technology as a standard in their garments. The product has also proven popular in Japan, helping their busy workforce preserve the highly desirable ‘fresh from the shelf’ appearance.

Overall, Supercrease® is the perfect addition when it comes to finishing a smart garment. Able to be applied anywhere, at any time, to anything, it’s an obvious choice – if you’re going to sell something with a crease, why not Supercrease® it?

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