Supporting COP26 – Sustainable Practices in Workwear and Safety Footwear

Snickers Workwear and EMMA Safety Footwear lead sustainable business practices in their industries. 


With COP26 and environmental responsibility all around us, the ‘The Circularity Gap’ and sustainable practice is very much in focus for Protective Wear manufacturers and users alike.

It’s so important that by embracing the circular economy, global greenhouse gas emissions could shrink by 39%!*  

That’s why Emma Safety footwear is a leader in sustainability having created the world’s very first ‘100% Circular’ safety footwear range and Snickers Workwear is at the forefront of sustainability in the workwear industry by sourcing the highest quality, most hard-wearing products with as little environmental impact as possible.  

The combined result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed working clothes and safety shoes that are not only designed to meet the physical demands that tradesmen and women face at work but will reduce your carbon footprint too! 

* Circularity Gap Report 2021 at 

The Hultafors Group

The Hultafors Group UK offers a portfolio of market-leading brands – Snickers Workwear, Hultafors Tools, Solid Gear, Toe Guard and EMMA safety footwear, as well as Hellberg Safety PPE and CLC – each of which keeps their users a step ahead on site in terms of comfort, functionality, safety and overall efficiency. This unique product family for professional craftsmen and women helps them meet the challenges they face by delivering products and services that make their workday safer, easier and more productive.

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