Sustainable Textile Innovations: Kapok Fibre

In view of resources dwindling fast and natural fibres like cotton being resource-intensive to process and petroleum-based fibres like acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex not being the most environmentally friendly, it is about time to look for sustainable alternatives when producing fibres and fabrics.
In this series, FashionUnited explores the sustainable alternatives and textile innovations that are currently being pursued all over the world.

Shanghai-based textile brand Flocus produces sustainable yarns blends, fabrics and fillings made with kapok, a natural cellulose fibre found in the dried fruit of the kapok tree. Kapok is the most sustainable fibre in the market today, leaving no human footprint behind. Combine this with numerous properties like being silky soft and dry to the touch, as well as antimoth, antimite and insulation properties comparable to down and one has a useful, sustainable fibre.
In addition, the kapok tree has developed a natural way to protect itself from animal attacks: hard spines on its trunk so that no human intervention or pesticides are required for the tree and fruits to thrive. Hundreds of pods can be found in each fruit, containing the seeds of the tree protected by a fluffy, silky and soft fibre.

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