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Everyday workplace fashion

Clothing is a tool used to visualise and benchmark ourselves and the people around us. The way we dress provides conclusions about our persona, social status aspirations and level of

Industry News: Cordura launches new technology

The future of military uniform and equipment won’t be the same now that Cordura has launched its new innovative collection. The advanced technology products were presented last month at the

Brexit News

Brexit and UK Fashion Industry

The British textile industry future is strictly interconnected with the future of Brexit and the trade deal that the nation will make with the European Union (EU). Little information is


We are really excited about the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Summit 2019. It is going to be at The London Marriot Hotel on the 2nd of April. The event is

Vietnam’s textile: An emerging Market

In the past few years, Vietnam’s textile industry has continuously grown until it has become the third largest clothing exporter in the world. Due to the low labour cost and

PPE Industry News: Zero Waste Goals

Sustainability has been a topic of debate in the clothing industry for over twenty years. As a result, nowadays it is common to recycle primary commodities and a lot has