Tailored Image Uniform Procurement: New Options To Take Out The Stress

To some, looking after uniforms may seem a straightforward affair, distributing out garments and taking orders from all grades of staff around the country.
But most people who are given the task are asked to take it on in addition to an already busy workload, where it can become a burden.
Uniform can be a very touchy subject, close to the heart of employees wearing it. Get something wrong and the uniform coordinator will end up with an endless amount of calls from staff needing assistance for everything from allocations to exchanges and sizing.
If you have experienced this or if your supplier is still working from basic excel project sheets then it’s likely you are missing out on the substantial benefits offered by a fully integrated uniform management system.
Tailored Image invest in sophisticated real-time systems, that enable them to give clients seamless, stress free control of the uniform process. Our bespoke uniform management system lets clients manage everything online, in real time.
The options include bespoke web shops allowing staff to access and order their own uniforms according to your own entitlement policy. You can also op to divert all uniform voice or email traffic to the online portal and call centre. In addition, we give you a dedicated Tailored Image team looking after all your uniform requirements from a liaison with staff to stock control.
With this leading edge IT support that tailors the system to suit individual internal operating platform, they offer additional reports to allow for budgeting for new branch openings, new starters and forecasts for forward years in advance of your needs.

The Tailored Image system provides secure reports on various user levels on all manner of things from order history, size demand mix, returns reporting and invoice reports.