TCTC Includes Environmentally Friendly Yarn, Bamboo, To Its Sock And Towel Fabric Offering

The Cotton Textile Company is taking the health of our planet seriously.
As producers of clothing, towels and socks, we know the impact manufacturing can have on the planet from the production of yarn through to regular washing in detergents. We also know how important this is to our customers and wanted to enable an option to cotton. Influencing where we can, we now offer the use of bamboo yarn and viscose instead of cotton due to its reduced impact on our planet. Did you know:

  • Bamboo grows to its full height in just 8-10 weeks
  • Per hectare, bamboo generates 60 tonne harvests versus 20 cotton tonnes
  • Requires 30% less water than cotton

So, bamboo is a fantastic alternative to the production of cotton and also performs well as a towel or garment because it is:

  • Softer and doesn’t pull in the same way as cotton yarns
  • Odour resistant
  • Better at wicking moisture away from the body than cotton
  • 40% more absorbent than cotton
  • Contains naturally occurring antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties

Additionally, bamboo:

  • Reduces the need for deforestation as it is harvested annually
  • Reduces soil erosion as it is cut rather than ‘dug’ when harvested
  • Reduces the need for fertilisers as it is primarily an organic crop
  • Absorbs more CO2 than trees (in 1 hectare it absorbs 63 tonnes per year compared to 15 tonnes for trees)
  • Generates 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees
  • When Bamboo products reach the end of their life they can be composted.

Whilst our core range of products (towels and socks) already have a longer life expectancy than many other products, we are now advocating the use of a raw material that will leave a reduced environmental impact once it reaches the end of its life.
The team at The Cotton Textile Company is aware this is a small step towards reducing our footprint and bigger rewards will be gained by creating greater awareness of the problem. As importantly, we are keen to show others how they can have a positive impact themselves.

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