Textile dyeing revolution in Taiwan

Ground-breaking Endeavour waterless dyeing system is a pivotal moment for the fashion industry and a first in Asia.

Alchemie Technology, the UK innovator of waterless, low energy, textile dyeing technology, is leading the way in the Asian sustainable textile dyeing revolution, as its technology is now in use by leading Taiwan-based textile innovator, JSRTEX.

In a commitment to transforming the industry with sustainable textiles and clean technology, JSRTEX recently purchased Alchemie’s Endeavour machine to dye polyester, and has just completed its first sustainable dye run at its Taiwan-based plant.

As textile dyeing is the biggest cause of pollution in clothing manufacture, this is a pivotal moment for Taiwan – a rising star in the global textile market – as well as a first for the Asian region, Alchemie said. Predictions show that carbon emissions from dyeing and finishing textiles will rise threefold to more than two Gigatonnes of CO2 annually by 2050, making it one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

Using 95% less water and 85% less energy than traditional dyeing methods, Alchemie’s Endeavour digital dyeing solution is addressing the big issues that face the dyeing and finishing industry today – water scarcity, carbon reduction, water pollution, and soaring energy costs.

The Endeavour solution, which has been developed in one of the world’s high technology clusters in Cambridge and manufactured entirely in the UK, now forms the centrepiece of a demonstration hub and showroom in Asia so international brands and manufacturers from across the region can see the technology in action.

Alan Hudd, founder of Alchemie Technology, said: “Having an Endeavour demonstration hub in Taiwan, and our partnership with JSRTEX, is another key milestone on our journey towards transforming the textile industry, as we aim to stop 500 million tonnes of CO2 emissions being produced by the fashion industry by 2030.”

Alchemie Technology, which has a vision to clean up textile dyeing and eliminate the environmental impact of these polluting processes, plans to set up further demonstration hubs at customer sites around the world in the coming months to showcase how Endeavour is more cost effective to operate and better for the environment than traditional dyeing technology.

Steve Lin, Chairman of JSRTEX, commented: “Alchemie’s Endeavour waterless dyeing technology is the first step in our wider sustainable vision – Pureline – which will bring together the world’s most revolutionary textile solutions including Alchemie’s textile finishing solution, Novara. Taiwan is the epicentre of advanced textile manufacturing in Asia, and we are proud to be playing our part in setting new sustainability benchmarks.”

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