Textiles 2030 reaches a milestone of 100 signatories


As a Founding Signatory of Textiles 2030, PCIAW® are proud to celebrate Textiles 2030’s announcement that they have achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 100 signatories to the agreement.

Just 10 months in, Textiles 2030 now has a commitment from retailers representing 65% of UK clothing placed on the UK market, as well as some of the leading charities, reuse and recycling businesses.

PCIAW® has been working in collaboration with Textiles 2030 to provide representation to the professional clothing market in this government-back sustainability initiative to overcome the unique challenges that technical textiles have in meeting the regulatory requirements and garment functions in way that can still be repurposed or recycled.

PCIAW® Summit 2021

Catherine Salvidge, Textiles Specialist at WRAP spoke at the PCIAW® Summit 2021 about how Textiles 2030 can work with professional clothing businesses to reduce carbon and waste and water footprints by taking an evidence-based approach, bringing businesses together to collaborate and share insights.

Textiles 2030

WRAP’s Textiles Specialist spoke of how the professional clothing sector must look at new business models and prioritise end-of-life solutions at the design and procurement phases.

Textiles 2030 focuses on how to redesign, reuse and recycle products to displace negative environmental impacts and use resources more efficiently, extending the lifecycle of products. The agreement works with businesses to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of new products by 50%, in line with the Paris Agreement.

WRAP is publishing a review of the professional clothing industry in 2022, mapping out the full-scale impacts of the sector and identifying opportunities to support businesses in pilots and show demonstration projects for the circular economy.