The 104 Collection launches

104 Collection

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural house-designed uniform range, the 104 Collection. After months of intensive work by the team, working both remotely in the first of half of the year and more recently from our Central London Studio, we are proud to present our new made-to-order collection.

Created to offer clients in the premium and luxury space, a faster and more cost-effective route to exquisitely designed and high-quality uniform. The comprehensive range divides into a 47-piece collection of formal and casual garments for the majority of luxury hospitality and retail settings, catering for a plethora of styles and locations.

“Having listened to clients and industry members who love what Studio 104 stands for in terms of style, design and quality, but are limited in time and/or budget, we took the view to launch our very own pre-designed uniform collection.”

In line with the company’s bespoke and high-design ethos, this landmark collection offers customisable elements and details to enable each client to personalise the uniform to its individual brand identity, making no two uniforms the same. Available in a wide palette of colours this is a truly unique and exciting solution for the ready-to-wear luxury uniform marketplace.

While the increased speed of delivery, streamlined costs and ability to customise has drawn clients in, the real game-changer is the tiered offering that is now available from Studio 104.  

Tier 1: Uniform selected from the new 104 Collection (3 months)

Tier 2: Bespoke uniform created for selected roles and complemented with 104 Collection (3-6 months)

Tier 3: Fully-bespoke uniform collection (7-8 months)

This tiered innovation has given potential clients the freedom to work with Studio 104 when on occasion the project may not have happened.

In this unprecedented moment for the industry and the wider world, Studio 104 like many other businesses has taken the opportunity to be on the front foot. By thinking differently and progressing ideas that will have resonance with new and existing clients, such as the 104 Collection, this will continue to form the basis of even greater success for the company in the years to come.

The 104 Collection is now accessible to purchase directly from Studio 104. To view the range, receive the latest look book and discover the customisations available, please contact the team on enquiries@studio-104.comor call now on +44 (0)207 502 5015.

From Studio 104.

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