The expansion of the British textile market

The British textile market is experiencing a wind of change and expanding across the Atlantic in its reach to the United States (US). 
As a consequence of Brexit – and the unstable situation derived by it – luxury British brands are looking at the US as a new commercial partner, which could, in part, substitute the EU.  It is important to notice that this US-UK special relationship is not new, as the British and the American have a long-standing history as commercial partners, and the textile industry is an important part of it.
Nowadays, the 80% of the British luxury sector is exported, with a value estimated by $41.1 billion, and the US seems to be the British biggest single market for textile and luxury industry. According to Helen Brocklebank, Walpole chief executive, the United States market grows every year and the demand for British goods is ascending.
(image sourced from google)

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