The future of arc flash safety wear: introducing ProGARM x the GORE-TEX Brand

When two industry heavyweights collaborate, exceptional things happen. When that collaboration involves human safety, lives are saved. Coming this summer, ProGARM x the GORE-TEX Brand are launching a new range of next-generation arc rated GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch product technology workwear, heralding the next stage of evolution in protective garment innovation.

Arc flash and fire resistance garment experts ProGARM have partnered with specialist fabric innovators from W.L Gore & Associates to develop a new waterproof and arc rated GORE-TEX product range guided by the principle of ‘safety through comfort’. Designed to deliver unrivalled levels of garment protection blended with ultimate wearability, this partnership is dedicated to delivering protective wear for workers needing the most advanced protective qualities in their personal protective equipment (PPE).

Leveraging a shared passion for safety and quality

This collision of expertise was born out of the need to reimagine PPE for workers who put themselves at risk every day through the essential work they do. With decades of expertise in innovative manufacturing and design techniques to deliver safe, compliant and wearable arc flash rated garments, ProGARM is leading the way in delivering fresh thinking in garment technology.

The GORE-TEX Brand, known for its fabrics and technologies that deliver long-lasting functionality and high quality, is the perfect partner, bringing its understanding of fabric technology and industry compliance to be part of something revolutionary.

This partnership is a natural extension of the existing relationship the two brands have following the signing of the licensee agreement in 2022, ProGARM is one of only three licenced PPE partners in the UK region to use Gore’s innovative PYRAD® technology.  This much-coveted partnership means the companies already have a foundation of excellence to build upon with the launch of this new and innovative product range.

Innovation, not just improvement

The PPE industry has seen years of product evolution, with incremental enhancements to improve small aspects of arc flash and fire-resistant clothing. Both ProGARM and the GORE-TEX Brand are associated with technical expertise, demonstrating with ease their understanding of garment composition and fabric design to create garments that offer exceptional levels of protection.

But now is the time to raise the bar yet again for arc flash safety wear.

The ProGARM x GORE-TEX Brand collaboration is bringing to market a new, exclusive set of waterproof workwear products and it’s thanks to the power of stretch. Understanding the struggles of workwear that don’t move with its wearer, this new arc-rated GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch product technology is changing the game. Not only are the garments technically compliant with all required regulations for arc flash risk environments, but they are super lightweight, breathable and stretchy, even when wet, offering the ultimate combination of protection and comfort in all weathers and environments. The fabric composition is unique, placing stretch technology at the heart of the design for increased wearability with no compromise on arc-rated protection.

Tri-layer protection

Bringing triple-layer technology to the market, the fabric in the new garments provides heat, flame and arc flash protection by blocking heat flow and flame propagation, preventing heat transfer to the skin of the wearer. Across a new range of jackets, trousers and coveralls, wearers will soon be able to benefit from the most technically capable workwear that offers industry-leading levels of movement, flexibility and comfort.

Known for designing garments for a range of body shapes and sizes to achieve the best possible fit, ProGARM has brought its extensive knowledge of designing for real bodies to ensure its new range is accessible to all. The new range will be available in high visibility yellow and navy, and orange to ensure worker visibility is not compromised when on-site, and every aspect of the design is arc flash and flame resistant, right down to the stitching thread for total performance reassurance. Advanced porous technology means the fabric is breathable, working with the overall design of the range to avoid a build-up of heat and perspiration in all weather conditions. This range is designed to be worn, with every design decision made in the boots of the wearer.

With this innovative range of workwear embedded in science, there are GORE-TEX garments to suit the needs of every industry where protection from the devastating risks of an arc flash incident is a priority.

Speaking about the collaboration and its importance for the industry, ProGARM General Manager Nathan Bricknell shares, “The consequences of an arc flash incident can be life-changing, even fatal, and the clothing we design can make a real difference to the extent of this outcome. This is why it’s so important that the safety wear we make offers the ultimate protection. We have an obligation, as the industry leaders, to keep innovating. The opportunity to exploit the best in fabric technology by working in partnership with the GORE-TEX brand means we can continue to evolve the design of safe, durable and importantly, comfortable workwear that is truly elite in its performance and wearability.”

Jonas Andersson, Workwear, Fabrics Division from Gore, adds, “Through our GORE-TEX technologies we are already transforming the performance of fabrics that are used in a range of applications and industries, so innovating is in our DNA already. When the opportunity arose to collaborate with ProGARM on a project that would not only deliver a safer way for a whole industry to work but save lives through garment performance, it was a challenge we couldn’t walk away from. The ProGARM x GORE-TEX Brand range is going to change the way we think about protective workwear, and we are proud to be in a partnership that is leading this thinking.” Waterproof arc-rated garments using GORE-TEX PYRAD® Stretch technology will be available this summer with other PYRAD® products becoming available throughout the year for even more protection.

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