The LYCRA Company Celebrates Fibre Innovation through Performance with Comfort Award

The LYCRA Company, Key Sponsor for the 2024 PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards, is exemplifying true textile innovation based on the needs of the professional clothing industry, considering durability, comfort, sustainability, and inclusivity in their materials.

Now The LYCRA Company is sharing with PCIAW® what makes their fibers so effective in professional clothing, and what they are looking for in their signature Performance with Comfort Award which will be presented at the PCIAW® Awards on the 20th November 2024.

The LYCRA Company has prioritized performance with comfort in clothing since the original spandex fiber. Why have so many companies chosen its fibers?

Over the years, numerous companies have consistently chosen our fiber portfolio, including LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE®, and LYCRA® T400® fibers, due to their unparalleled comfort, performance, and durability. Since the inception of spandex fiber, performance and comfort have remained a priority for us, and this dedication has strongly resonated with brands and consumers across the globe. LYCRA® fibers offer exceptional stretch and recovery properties, ensuring garments maintain their shape and fit and deliver the right level of shaping and compression on the body, helping to enhance the wearer’s overall performance by optimizing comfort.

When considering thermal comfort, COOLMAX® fibers are designed to keep the wearer cool and dry for longer, while THERMOLITE® fibers provide lightweight warmth to help protect consumers from cold environments. LYCRA®T400® EcoMade fiber is a bicomponent polyester yarn designed to provide garments with durable stretch and recovery properties, delivering freedom of movement with fit, moisture management, and breathability to help keep the wearer cool and dry and help enhance their overall comfort. This unique innovation is also GRS-certified, made from 50% recycled PET and 18% bio-derived resources, and is chlorine-resistant to withstand bleaching processes.

Illustrations of COOLMAX® fiber

What markets have The LYCRA Company’s fibers been used in, and how can the professional clothing industry learn from their experiences?

Our fibers have been utilized extensively in various markets, applications, and garment categories, ranging from activewear and lingerie to denim, socks, outdoor and professional clothing. Professionals in the clothing industry can draw valuable insights from these diverse applications. For instance, in activewear, LYCRA® fibers offer durable stretch and recovery properties providing unrestricted movement, shaping and compression, and comfort during physical activities. Similarly, in the professional clothing sector, such as uniforms and workwear, integrating our fibers can offer unique benefits to workers, like enhanced flexibility, durability, and thermal comfort, potentially improving the wearer’s satisfaction and productivity.

The LYCRA Company is presenting the Performance with Comfort Innovation Award at the PCIAW® Annual Meeting. Who is eligible to enter?

This prestigious award is open to fabric mills, garment manufacturers, brands, and retailers that demonstrate exceptional innovation and creativity in incorporating our fibers into their products. This award acknowledges their efforts and motivates them to continue pushing the boundaries of textile technology and elevate the standards of comfort and performance in clothing to benefit consumers. Whether it is military, hospitality, public forces, or aviation, entries showcasing innovative applications are eligible for consideration. By honoring excellence in fiber innovation, This award encourages industry stakeholders to strive for excellence while reinforcing their essential role in advancing innovation.

PCIAW® Awards Evening

Why is it important to The LYCRA Company to recognize a partner who has been innovative when using your fibers?

Recognizing the innovation of our partners is not just a priority but a cornerstone of our values. By acknowledging the contributions of the value chain, such as fabric mills, apparel brands, and other collaborators, we foster a culture of appreciation and strengthen long-term partnerships within the industry.

These partnerships are instrumental in driving innovation and advancing the development and commercialization of innovative fabric compositions and garment designs, but they are also the backbone of our success. They highlight the innovative and creative use of our fibers by our partners across the value chain, showcasing the versatility and unique performance attributes of the fibers and reinforcing their value proposition to manufacturers, workwear brands, and consumers. Ultimately, by acknowledging and celebrating the innovation of our partners, we underscore our commitment to collaborative success and reinforce our leadership in fiber and fabric technologies.


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