The Prestigious Professional Clothing Awards 2018: Thank You to Our Portuguese Partners

Once more, the prestigious Professional Clothing Awards welcomed our Portuguese partners, whose sponsorship and efforts were crucial to our success.
Portugal was part of the Professional Clothing Awards, the annual event celebrating the latest innovations and successes in the apparel and footwear industry, which was sponsored for the second consecutive year by ANIVEC, APICCAPS and CENIT.
Filipe Santana, a student at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, from the course of Fashion Design, competing in the PCA VISION Contest, was the ultimate YKK Award Winner.
The garment presented by the student was a set of trousers, jacket and polo for sports instructor, with several innovations in the use of zippers to adapt the pieces to different daily activities.
César Araújo and Marco Araújo, CEOs of Calvelex, were awarded the “Long Service to Textile Industry Award of the Year 2018”. After closely watching them work over the years, it was a great honour to be able to recognise them in this well-deserved way. The director-e team would like to congratulate them both on their award!
This year also saw the presence of numerous Portuguese companies such as Axfilia, Calvelex, Carité, Damel, Lameirinho em parceria com ModaLisboa, LMA and Trotinete.
César Araújo, President of ANIVEC and CEO of Calvelex, stated that Portugal is a safe haven for those who want to invest, produce or establish partnerships in the fashion sector. He remarked that Portugal produces quality, reliability, speed and competitive prices. He also pointed out that, in addition to these features that make the country stand out in the international market, Portugal is strong in engineering, and product design, with sophisticated manufacturing processes, high quality raw materials, innovation, and training. In recent years, Portugal has invested heavily in the rigorous principles of social and environmental sustainability, and César Araújo takes these issues very seriously.

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