The Role of Disposable Plastic Gloves in Food Industry

PE gloves are generally the least expensive of all glove types.
Disposable PE Glove mainly has two major categories: the LDPE GLOVE and the HDPE GLOVE.
PE gloves are using polyethylene LDPE, polyethylene HDPE, polyethylene LLDPE film blown. This kind of glove is easy to use because of its surface, processed by bump up and down, which can prevent adhesion and can be used with left and right. Today, HDPE gloves are becoming more and more common in daily life.
Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride), otherwise known as PVC gloves, are considered as an acceptable alternative to latex glove, providing snug fit capabilities and some degree of dexterity. They are more resistant to ozone and oil than natural rubber latex (NRL) and can be worn around heat sources without risk of melting.
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