The Secret for Success at Work? Dressing Always one Level Up

Jerry Jao, CEO and Founder of Retention Science has argued that investing in personal presence and dressing one level up has helped him in the ladder to success.
He believes a good personal presence is an invaluable source to achieve a mature look at work. For him, the key for success is to always dress for the job wanted – it also means sometimes to dress one level up from the job you already have. His beliefs are supported by his personal experience as business entrepreneur, as well as one of many other entrepreneurs which sustained that a positive personal impact based on appearance is primary whether they have to find a new employee or build relations with a new company.
According to Dr Kim Moore to be successful in a new job, workers should look at how their boss dress. She follows Zig Ziglar coaching which are based on the saying, “you cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.”
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