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New Gore Workwear Extraguard Upper Technology

Tying the knot with protection and comfort to offer footwear that delivers on safety, functionality, and sustainability. Versatile designs and high quality components make the difference in providing agility in movement for wearers in various terrains and weather conditions.

GORE steps smartly forward with a new safety footwear solution

The demands for footwear functionalities can often be contradictory with waterproof protection typically being heavy and uncomfortable, whilst breathable footwear doesn’t necessarily provide the correct protection levels for heavy duty use year-round in rain or mud. 

GORE-TEX’s science-led innovation in footwear has launched EXTRAGUARD upper technology to deliver robust, waterproof-breathable safety footwear which is permanently lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

The EXTRAGUARD upper technology combines the advantages of leather with those of textile upper materials. Designed for workers in construction, demolition, rail, utilities, and agriculture, the innovative material is 40 percent lighter than leather and stays light even when working in extreme weather conditions. 

EXTRAGUARD 3-Layer Upper

EXTRAGUARD upper technology consists of 3-layers, sealed with GORE® Seam Tape together with the GORE-TEX lining, which is an inner bootie construction. All elements are then integrated into a safety boot with seam sealing preventing moisture from making its way into the boot through the seams. 

The outer layer has a water repellent finish and is highly abrasion-resistant and robust. The second layer, called the functional layer, can be varied in thickness according to end user requirements and is designed to protect the foot from shock. The third or inner layer is called the low water absorption construction.

Lightweight when wet

Scientific lab tests, and initial end-user wearer trails showed that despite months of heavy wear in rain or snow, the footwear absorbed very little moisture with slight and insignificant change in weight. 

Tests also found that even with the loss of the water repellent finish on the outer layer of the upper, the footwear remained light weight. With the GORE-TEX inner bootie in place, the footwear remained waterproof, and feet stayed dry, even if the surface layer of the upper had been damaged. In fact, the GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD safety footwear has surpassed industry standard EN ISO 20345/347 for durability, waterproofing and breathability. 

Moisture from the outside only penetrates to the low water absorption construction layer. Because no moisture forms between the upper material and the inner GORE-TEX bootie, the conductive heat loss of a GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD safety footwear is considerably less than that of conventional equivalents.  

Comfort and protection from first wear

Unlike conventional safety footwear, GORE-TEX safety footwear with EXTRAGUARD upper technology doesn’t need to be broken in and is comfortable from first wear. Even following long periods of heavy use, the chemical resistant material doesn’t wrinkle and is colour fast. Simply spraying off dirt and mud with water is all the is required for cleaning and care.

Setting new standards in sustainability 

Gore is committed to protecting the planet by reducing carbon emissions, chemical impacts, and water consumption as they pursue sustainable innovation. The 3-layer EXTRAGUARD upper technology is vegan and chromium-free. In manufacture, it is delivered on rolls of consistent quality, resulting in less production waste.  

According to scientific Life Cycle Assessment data: the longer a functional product is worn and used, the lower its environmental footprint will be – durability is the key to sustainability. Due to the robust and hard-wearing qualities of GORE-TEX safety footwear with EXTRAGUARD upper technology the footwear will last longer.  

Product Availability

GORE-TEX safety footwear with EXTRAGUARD upper technology is manufactured under licence by Gore’s brand partners, including HAIX, Steitz, U-POWER, Elten & Solid Gear.  

Contact: Oli Willson, UK & Scandinavia Sales Manager, GORE-TEX Professional Footwear. 


+44 7867 906225


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Keep your look with Totectors® Safety Shoes

The iconic Totectors® brand has a rich heritage dating back to 1944 and is synonymous with safety footwear.

It was the original branded safety toe boots worn by armies, security, industrial and construction personnel across the world. 

The Totectors® brand has now been revamped for a new consumer, vowing to continue with traditions of innovation, reliability, and global reach. 78 years on, International Brands Group (IBG) are reinvigorating Totectors®, replacing the old bulky styles with sleek, lightweight shoes wearable all day at work.

Designing safety footwear for a growing demand 

IBG offers safety products designed for today’s trades. The European industrial safety footwear market is expected to grow to $14bn by 2026, up from $9bn in 2019 according to Global Market Insights. Growing online consumption with fast delivery expectations has seen a rise in roles requiring safety footwear, including operations, logistics and warehousing. 

Offering safety and protection with no comprise on style

Totectors® is focused on building community, ensuring engagement with the end users by understanding who they are after work hours and how to incorporate culture into footwear design. When designing and developing the Totectors®’s line, IBG’s aim was to provide safety without compromising on style. 

In terms of build, the design team wanted to ensure comfort, considering the four phases of the natural walking gait – absorption, support, stability, and propulsion. 

Given the amount of standing required in logistics and operations roles, Totectors® researched pressure mapping to help reduce static injury. Based on the pressure points, the design team built underfoot elements: the footbed, midsole and outsole to ensure ongoing comfort levels remain optimal and the high-pressure areas on the sole of the foot are getting the comfort and stability required to avoid injury.

The Totectors® collection consists of the Denton Mid and Denton Low both available in Black and Wheat. Certified in conformity with UK PPE Regulations – UKCA and EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 P CI HI HRO SRC

Safety footwear with sustainability and social responsibility

Totectors® manufacture for protection and comfort, whilst putting sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront of its operations. With so much footwear disposed of in landfill, IBG are facilitating recycling of old safety shoes. Working with Fast Feet Grinded to repurpose the materials into foam and rubbers for safety flooring, the aim is to prevent injury in hospitals, schools, and care homes. 

With statistics showing that two people from the construction industry are lost to suicide every day in the UK, Totectors® are teaming up with local Mental Health charities in this sector to help ensure this community is getting the support and resources they need. Totectors® are working beyond protecting end users with optimal safety and comfort at work.


• Durable and breathable leather upper

• PU removeable insole for underfoot comfort

• Padded collar and tongue for comfort

• Durable and breathable leather upper

• 200J aluminium lightweight toe cap

• Composite anti-penetration plate for flexibility

• Shock absorbing EVA inserts for extra comfort

• Medial arch support

• External heel cradle for extra support

• Exclusive SRC slip and oil resistant rubber outsole for durability and optimal grip

For more information contact Rhys Elavia.



T: +44 (0)1933 698372  

M: +44 (0)7706 360264

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V12’s carbon neutral safety footwear range

Safety footwear company V12 have taken a huge step in their sustainable manufacturing journey by developing their first carbon neutral safety footwear range.

Stepping up to sustainability

V12 Footwear is currently doing the planet a big favour, as well as its wearers: thanks to a series of manufacturing and production innovations, its safety footwear range Lynx is now officially carbon neutral.

Reduce, extend, offset 

V12 developed the Lynx carbon neutral range by following three key sustainability steps.

Reduce: Production was moved from Asia to Europe, and as a result the shipping journey was reduced by a massive 8000 miles. This reduction has led to a 225 kg carbon saving on each journey from factory to customer.

Extend: Ensuring only high quality and high-performing components go into their safety footwear ensures that the Lynx boot is built to last, staying on wearers’ feet – and off the landfill site – for longer. V12 are so confident in the durability of their products, they offer a 200-day warranty as standard on all boots.

Offset: Finally, V12 are investing in community projects across the globe dedicated to providing cleaner, greener energy and reforestation to compensate for the carbon emissions they have not yet reduced as part of the production of this range. 

Sustainability is a team game

Everyone involved in the supply chain plays a part in making the Lynx range carbon neutral. Many suppliers are now powering factories with solar energy, as well as using air filtering and water purification systems in production to ensure maximum sustainability. 

The future is green

The Lynx might have achieved carbon neutral status, but V12’s drive for environmental responsibility is far from finished. Their suppliers are constantly looking for more ways to use recycled and more sustainable materials to go into Lynx boots, while product development continue to relentlessly innovate to streamline this already highly sustainable range into an even more earth-friendly product.

Going forward, V12 are also reviewing the rest of the business’ sustainable performance to ensure they are doing their part in helping to address climate change. 

Spearheaded by their dedicated Sustainability Team, they are continually exploring ways to manufacture responsibly including reducing waste, using cleaner energy and further decreasing carbon emissions on all products. 



+44 (0)1249 651 900

FB: /v12footwear

Twitter: /v12footwear

LinkedIn: /company/v12-footwear

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