Things You Should Know About Chemical Splash Work wear

For people working in industry with chemicals, heavy lifting and machinery, chemical splash can pose a dangerous and possibly irreversible health threat.

In some cases depending on severity and the location of the body it can lead to immobility and even death; which is why it is imperative that the correct work wear is provided and worn at all times.

The material used in the clothing will depend on which sector of the industry you work in, if working with harmful chemicals the fabric should be treated with  fluorocarbon to allow for breathability whilst providing security. The employer is responsible for ensuring that the correct garments and safety measures have been followed; if in doubt contact your employer or manager to discuss the appropriate attire.

When working with chemicals, it is important that your work attire is incredibly durable to protect from even the most corrosive chemical back splash, it is important that every detail should have longevity from the mitred corners of your pockets down to added bartacks on any stress points ensuring they are secure. Any damaged to your work wear should be reported to your employer and replaced.