TOS+H EXPO 2022 – Istanbul Chamber of Industry strengthens trade fair’s position as new partner


Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and its local partner Tezulaş Fuar have signed an agreement with the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) to further strengthen the position of Turkey’s leading trade fair for occupational safety and health.

In the future, the Chamber of Industry will not only contribute its expertise and industry contacts, but will also strengthen the offering of TOS+H Expo 2022, which will be held in Istanbul from May 14-17, with its own symposium.

“The new partnership shows the relevance attached to the topics of health protection and occupational safety in Turkey. The cooperation with the ICI will further consolidate the leading position of TOS+H Expo in Turkey.”

Symposium to be held parallel with TOS+H Expo 2022.

While TOS+H Expo, as a trade fair for occupational safety and health, networks experts from industry and commerce, the “Istanbul Chamber Of Industry Occupational Health and Safety Symposium” addresses current occupational safety and health issues and provides important impulses for establishing a prevention culture in companies in Turkey and its neighboring countries. So far, 87 national and international exhibitors from ten different countries have registered for TOS+H Expo 2022.

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“As a trade fair for occupational safety and health, TOS+H Expo brings together experts from industry and commerce. The Istanbul Chamber of Industry has set itself the goal of covering the TOS+H Expo, 4th Turkish Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition and the Occupational Health and Safety Symposium, which will be held in parallel, with currently relevant as well as forward-looking topics, thus enriching the trade fair.”