TouchPoint and Spinnova to create the most sustainable workwear in the world

Finnish workwear sustainability trailblazer TouchPoint Oy and Spinnova Oy, who develops the world’s most sustainable textile fibre are pleased to announce a product development collaboration.
The objective is creating the world’s most sustainable workwear. Work clothes are textiles made for heavy-duty, the circularity and reuse of which Touchpoint has developed for quite a few years. Now, the workwear sustainability pioneer wants to be among the first ones to also explore and utilize the possibilities that the new, ecological Spinnova fibre has to offer.
TouchPoint has made innovative efforts towards sustainability in the workwear industry, e.g. by developing takeback programmes and using the most ecological textile innovations available, such as recycled polyester and man-made cellulosic.
“We’re excited and proud to collaborate with Spinnova. Spinnova has boldly turned the global challenge with textile fibres into an opportunity and managed to create a unique innovation. We both want to develop Finnish, sustainable textile expertise for the international markets,” says TouchPoint’s CEO Outi Luukko.
TouchPoint is going to involve its customers in product development. This natural fibre is a great match for the workwear. Spinnova has recently entered a pilot phase in the development of the world’s most sustainable textile fibre, produced without harmful chemicals. At year-end last year, Spinnova completed its industrial-scale pilot line in Jyväskylä, Finland, and will focus on joint product development with brand partners this year. In practise, this means developing prototypes of commercial products, where part or all current materials will be replaced with Spinnova’s cellulose-based fibre.
“TouchPoint is a great example of what the textile industry should do to help commercialize sustainable materials; to get hands-on involved in developing the innovations already before there is an exact roadmap to commercial production. A common value foundation has helped this collaboration take off quickly and open-mindedly,” comments Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen.
About Spinnova
Spinnova is a Finnish, sustainable fibre company that develops ecological breakthrough technology for manufacturing cellulose-based textile fibre. Spinnova’s patented technology includes 0% harmful chemicals and 0% waste or side streams, making the fibre and the production method the most sustainable in the world. Spinnova’s raw material commitment is to only use FSC certified wood or waste streams. Spinnova’s objective is to globally commercialize the fibre products in collaboration with major textile brands. / Twitter @spinnovaltd

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