Tunisian delegation exhibits at the PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2022


5 of the finest Tunisian manufacturers that the PCIAW® Tunisia Delegation met with are now exhibiting at the PCIAW® Exhibition, which runs concurrently with the Summit & Awards event on 18-19 October at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow London.

After 17 months of building relationships with key stakeholders from OCO Global, the Tunisian and British Embassies, the Tunisian Export Promotion Agency (CEPEX), the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA), the Tunisian Federation for Textiles (FTTH) and the Textile Technical Centre (CETTEX), the UK – Tunisia nearshore partnership project came to fruition in 2022 with the PCIAW® Trade Delegation to Tunisia.

Mourad Ben Hassine, CEO, CEPEX said: “I do believe that the organisation of the “Tunisian British Business days in workwear” was successful and fruitful for both sides and will contribute to improving business opportunities and developing textile and clothing intra-trade between Tunisia & UK”.

Tunisia is a business-friendly textiles nation

The Tunisian economy is heavily export-based, with the textiles and apparel sector accounting for up to a third of total exports. The Tunisian workwear sector comprises over 116 companies, experiencing a rapid expansion since the 1980s, when competitive production costs, adherence to international standards, and a highly skilled workforce set the sector apart. The country is growing its already successful exports to French, Italian and German brands and is ambitious in seeking to expand its co-operation with UK market.

Whilst many countries around the world experience skills shortages, Tunisia’s passion for textiles is ingrained in its heritage and culture. The textiles nation is home to 58 vocational training institutions providing courses textiles and clothing in more than 20 specialities, graduating more than 5,000 students every year, in addition to having 2 higher institutes for technological studies that ensure the training of qualified middle managers and technicians to meet the needs of companies.

Well-established trading relations with regional partners

The Tunisian textile industry is well-established and experienced in partnering with international partners throughout the supply chain. Tunisia has secured FTAs with Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey. Its regional and international integration is evident in its inclusion in 54 bilateral agreements to protect investments.

A Trade and Political Continuity Agreement was signed between Tunisia and the UK in October 2019. The Agreement covers trade benefits and tariff-free trade of industrial products, strengthening the relationship between the UK and Tunisia. In 2018, trade between the two countries was worth £378 million, an increase of 3.0% from the previous year.

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