UKCA Marking of PPE Webinar, Thursday 26th November 2:30pm – 4:00pm

UKCA Webinar

From the 1st of January 2021, the UK is expected to adopt its own PPE legislation, including the use of a new UKCA mark.

Our team of panellists are here to explain what this means to them – and you – how it can affect businesses within the UK and what you should do next to ensure you are prepared for this upcoming change.

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  • Adam Mansell, CEO, UKFT
  • Nathan Shipley, Head of European & National Policy, BSI Group
  • Richard Collin, PPE Group Certification Manager, BSI Group
  • Simon Courtney, Divisional Manager, Consumer Products, SATRA


Adam Mansell

Adam Mansell, CEO, UKFT

Adam Mansell joined the industry 25 years ago. He has worked across a wide number if trade bodies.

Having represented all aspects of the fashion and textile supply chain, Adam has links to every part of the industry from design, fabric and component suppliers, wholesalers, brands, manufacturers and retail.

Adam leads the team at UKFT and has overseen the expansion of UKFT’s activity and membership. The organisation represents over 2,000 business, helps over 1,000 companies with their export strategy and is the government appointed Sector Skills Body for the industry. Adam has also led on the development of the manufacturing membership of the organisation. As well as running the organisation Adam focuses particularly on government relations, regular briefing Minsters, MPs and civil servants.

Adam also represents the industry on a wide range of panels and groups and is Chair of the Future Fashion Factory, a £5 million industry research project. He is also currently President of Ginetex, the international care labelling organisation.

Adam regularly comments on industry issues in the trade and national press.


Nathan Shipley, Head of European & National Policy, BSI Group

Nathan Shipley has worked at BSI for 23 years in all areas of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) approvals from product testing to product certification.

Nathan is the PPE Group Certification Manager and manages the BSI PPE certification team which has seen massive changes over the last couple of years with the introduction of the PPE Regulation and of course Brexit.

Nathan has sat on a number of committees relating to PPE certification and standards including heading up the team that wrote the PAS 015:2011 standard for equestrian helmets, he is also the vice chair of the BSIF Test and Certification committee.


Richard Collin

Richard Collin, PPE Group Certification Manager, BSI Group

Richard Collin is Head of European and National Policy at the British Standards Institution and has 30 years’ experience in quality infrastructure.

Since May 2010, Richard has been working in BSI. Since July 2016, he has been BSI’s Head of European and National Policy. He is responsible for BSI’s National Standards Body governance and compliance framework and for engagement with regulatory policy in Europe. He is also responsible for BSI’s Consumer and Public Interest Network, which enables the representation of consumers and public interest groups in BSI’s standards committees. In addition to these roles, he is BSI Standards lead for Brexit.

Webinars are FREE to PCIAW® members, or just £12+VAT for non-members. Pay £36+VAT for all four webinars.

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