UKFT: Apprenticeship Standard for Garment Maker: Consultation Open

UKFT is working with a group of tailoring, couture and high-end garment manufacturers to develop a new National Apprenticeship for Garment Makers (aimed at roles including trainee couturiers, sample makers, tailors, dressmakers, costumiers and sample machinists).
Once approved, this apprenticeship and the relevant funding will be available to all employers, so we want to make sure the content is right, fit for purpose and appropriate for our industry.
In line with the apprenticeship development process, we have created a standards which lists the key duties and the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of a competent person employed in this role. If you manufacture clothing, we’d really appreciate a few moments of your time to provide feedback. This will be invaluable for further content development, confirming sector support and will help ensure the right training is in place for our future workforce.
The details of the standard are below and the survey can be found by visiting
The deadline for feedback is 10th May 2019. Your feedback will be reviewed following the closing date and the employer group will consider where amendments should be made to the draft Standard. The Standard will then be submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships to seek approval prior to drafting the apprenticeship end point assessment plan.
For more information please visit

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