UKFT helps to shape future negotiations as Brexit nears

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The UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) has been asked to represent the industry on the new trade advisory group (TAG) to the Department for International Trade (DIT) for British Manufacturing and Consumer Goods.

UKFT will provide knowledge and insight of the needs of the UK fashion and textile industry to inform the UK negotiating position as trade talks with countries including Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand intensify. Separately, UKFT is also representing the industry to the group negotiating with the EU.

Paul Alger MBE, UKFT’s International Business Director, said: “I am very pleased that UKFT has been invited to represent the industry on this TAG group, reporting directly to the Secretary of State. Exports are the lifeblood of many fashion and textile businesses and the right free trade agreements are essential to ensure that the industry thrives after Brexit. Similarly, as consumers, we all depend on the right deals being done to make sure that we all have access to the goods we need at the same time as encouraging fair and sustainable trade. It is especially important that UKFT is involved on the manufacturing TAG as our exporters of UK manufactured goods are the ones who stand to win or lose the most.”

Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss said: “This is about bringing business closer to the negotiating table and using their expertise to help secure the best possible deals that deliver jobs and growth across Britain. Talks with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand are entering their crucial latter stages, so it is only right that we step up engagement with vital industries to utilise their technical and strategic expertise.”

Separately from the TAG, UKFT is preparing its own updated guidance for members on trading with Europe after the end of the transition period, covering changes to tariffs, import and export documentation, labelling and more. 


UKFT helps to shape future negotiations as Brexit nears

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