UKFT Webinar: New labelling requirements for apparel and footwear in Russia

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On 16 December at 11:00 am UK time DIT Russia will be running a webinar Russia: New Mandatory Labelling System Explained to cast light on the new labelling regulation applied ­to a variety of goods including apparel and footwear, as well as perfumes, pharmaceutical products and tyres. It will be delivered jointly with CRPT, the operator of the new track and trace system.

In order to fight counterfeit products and prevent tax fraud, the Russian government has implemented a mandatory labelling regime Chestny Znak (“track and trace” system) that will eventually require all goods, both imported and domestically produced, to carry a label with a unique identification to allow each and every product to be traced within Russia from production/importation to the point of sale. To obtain encrypted labels issued by the system’s operator CRPT, foreign exporters are required to partner with a Russian legal entity to subsequently submit detailed product information and apply for labels.

The implementation timeframe is as follows:

  • 2016: fur garments
  • 1 Jul 2020: footwear, pharmaceutical products, tobacco products
  • 1 Oct 2020: perfumes, photo cameras and flashlights
  • 1 Nov 2020: tyres and tyre casing
  • 1 Jan 2021: certain clothes
  • Currently being tested on dairy products, bottled water, beer, wheelchairs and bicycles

Participation for the webinar is free of change however prior registration is required.

Register here for UKFT webinar

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