Uniform and Workwear Goes URBAN

URBAN BRAND LLC is the leading and pioneering company in Mongolia’s modern light industry sector and is a subsidiary of Urban Business Group, one of the largest business groups in Mongolia. The company was established in 2021 to develop and promote the group’s corporate identity, occupational safety equipment, and technology professionally by collaborating with BRAND BOOK.

In 2017, Urban Business Group began operating in professional clothing, gaining experience and establishing a dedicated unit. Building on that experience, knowledge and capacity, the company worked together with BRAND BOOK to found URBAN, a company specialising in corporate uniforms and workwear. URBAN’s goal was to successfully develop and promote standardised uniform production and distribution based on professionalism and market demand, becoming a leading company in the sector in a short time.

With over 10 years of continuous experience since 2013, URBAN BRAND has grown a skilled management team supported by professional designers, as well as hiring experienced workers in all workshops and production units. Their staff work hard together to manufacture and develop high-quality branded products, ensuring their clients are always pleased with the results.

The company is based in the industrial district of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, with a large production facility and showroom with various types of equipment, tools and samples to showcase URBAN BRAND’s uniform and safety products to customers and partners. Their team pay special attention to the quality of materials used, in addition to innovative design and solutions, for the betterment of their product and service.

To meet occupational safety standards of durability, reliability, breathability, flexibility, and comfort, URBAN BRAND carefully curates a list of certified manufacturers to partner with in their uniform production, opting to work with the most trustworthy industry leaders over generic suppliers and ensure reliable and consistent garment production.

While firmly focused on workwear essentials, URBAN BRAND appreciates that comfort and style contribute to employee wellbeing. Their designers balance ergonomic principles and global fashion trends to produce distinctive yet practical industrial apparel. By offering tasteful apparel options, URBAN BRAND allows every employee to put their mark on company uniforms.

At its core, URBAN BRAND believes inspired people fuel business success. They strive to forge enduring partnerships with their corporate clients to deeply understand organisational needs. More than just fulfilling uniform orders, URBAN BRAND aims to co-create solutions that unify and invigorate workforces to drive excellence.

The company’s safety workwear and PPE is made from fire retardant, cut-resistant, non-allergenic, and non-irritant materials, emphasising critical safety requirements and wearer comfort. URBAN BRAND’s products have received Certificates of Compliance with Standards from international standard agencies, ensuring their products are safe for use in the workplace.

Uniforms, workwear, and PPE not only represent the company’s success, spirit, and culture, but also provide the medium for their designers to explore aesthetics, ergonomics, and other factors which instil pride and confidence in their customers’ employees. URBAN BRAND continuously research and innovates to offer new and improved products and services in the professional clothing industry, and looks forward to growing its team and offerings for years to come.

Website: www.urban.mn
Email: info@urban.mn
Phone:  +976 8080-3636 or +976 7070-0000

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